“What IS that?”

Joey in Charge Banner ©JBoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Joey just returned from the Operations Center. He was carrying a small drone aircraft—and a wide smile, “Look what our resident skunk-works has come up with—an armed drone.”

“We NEED such a thing?” Debra asked.

“Probably not,” Joey replied, “The operations guys have detected their train some thirty-miles ahead of us on this track. They have suggested we take an almost parallel track—the junction is about ten miles ahead—that will put some distance between the trains. The idea being that we can select where to ambush their train.”

“Have they detected us?” Chris asked.

“Unknown—but we should assume they have.”

“I don’t see a propeller—how is the drone powered?”

“A very-clever, very-small jet engine,” Joey replied, “The drone hasn’t a long range—but, it is designed to intercept and destroy the drone the skunk-works guys believe they have—and destroy it.”

“A wise precaution,” Chris concluded.

Season 16—Adventure 6—Joey in Charge—Episode 4—Scene 1…Aboard the Adventure Train… The train was now on the parallel track and running near its maximum speed and approaching a long trestle. As they crossed the trestle, Chris was absent-mindedly looking out the window, and saw their quarry across the small valley, “There they are!” She exclaimed.

“There they are” ©JBoardman“There they are!”

“There who are?” Debra, startled out of her wool-gathering, asked.

“Hale’s train,” She replied, “Crossing the bridge just across the valley.”

“I hope they didn’t see us,” Joey said, “We’d best prepare to launch our drone—just in case.”

“On it,” Boomer moved to a computer desk and prepared to launch the drone, “Just give me the word.”

“The word is given.” Joey paused a moment and said.

Episode 4—Scene 2…Aboard the Jones Train… “Mr. Jones? I think I saw another train across the valley!”

“Really, Miss Clausen?” he replied, “Can you describe it?”

“I think I saw another train across the valley” ©JBoardman“Can you describe it?”

“No, sir, it was travelling too fast.”

“Very well, we’ll send out the drone to investigate—I’ll fly it and the rest of you observe.”

Everyone moved to a computer to watch the drone through its camera. It was a little hard to watch as the drone changed direction too quickly for the camera to focus clearly.

When it finally focused—what they saw was a bit of a surprise.

“What IS that?” Clausen asked.

View from the Jones Drone ©JBoardman“What IS that?”

“A small drone—and possibly big trouble,” Jones replied, “Mike—tell the engineers to bring the train to full speed!”

Episode 4—Scene 3…Along the railroad tracks… The Posse Drone found the Jones drone…

Posse drone finds target ©JBoardmanThe Posse Drone found Jones drone…

The drone took evasive action—for ten minutes it attempted to evade the more nimble and faster Posse drone.

Twisting & turning, diving & climbing—all for naught.

The Posse drone opened fire with its two .22 caliber machineguns.

Posse drone kills target ©JBoardmanThe Posse drone opened fire with its two .22 caliber machineguns.

The Jones drone, belching smoke—went down and crashed next to the tracks.




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7 Responses to “What IS that?”

  1. Joey Jerkovich says:

    .22? I want an upgrade. Nothing less than 9MM

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  2. lhalvor says:

    Fantastic drawings!

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