Killers Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: Joey & Boomer found Jones & Hale dead inside the cabin. That was no surprise to either man.

They performed all the usual investigative procedures—took photos of the scene—dusted for fingerprints; and outside, made plaster molds of the tire tracks, after photographing them.

They faxed the images to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension in Saint Paul.

And then contact Doc McLean, who served as the Moosehead County Coroner.

He arrived an hour later and took charge of the bodies.

“How soon Doc?”

“They died in a hail of gunfire. I’ll have a complete report sent to as soon as I can.”

Episode 1—Scene 3… Inside the Sheriff’s Office… Linda, Debra And Chris were called and asked to stop-in and see the sheriff—they arrived within minutes of one-another, “Get your badges and guns, friends, I need your help.”

“Oh BOY!” Chris exclaimed.

“Crap!” Linda & Debra exclaimed in near unison.

Season 16—Adventure 7—Killers—Episode 2—Scene 1… At the Sheriff’s Office in Moosehead City… “Oh BOY!” Chris exclaimed.

“Crap!” Linda & Debra exclaimed in near unison.

Linda Debra and Chris at the Sheriff’s Office ©JBoardman“Crap!”

“You’ll have your work cut-out for you,” Sheriff Silverthorn said, “I want you to canvass every hotel, motel, and bed-and-breakfast in the county.”

“A piece of cake,” Chris cracked.

“I have three unmarked squads available for you,” Silverthorn continued, they’re parked out back. They’re yours to use.”

“What about your full-time deputies?” Debra asked.

“Since Moosehead City disbanded their city police, we’ve had to cover policing the town. I just don’t have the deputies available.”

“Oh—very well,” Linda gave-in.

“Park your car in our lot,” Andy said, “And pick-up your unmarked squads and spread-out through the county.”

Episode 2—Scene 2… The killers checked into the Notel Motel… Donna Drews, Sharon Clark, Kim Swanson, Karen Claus, Amy Strange, and Radiant-Dove White Eagle all signed-in to the motel with very well done fake identification cards.

After parking their cars in the lot behind the motel.

The killers checked into the Notel Motel ©JBoardmanAfter parking their cars in the lot behind the motel.

They claimed to have arrived by taxi—the clerk didn’t question that. He simply wasn’t paid enough to care—hence the name of the motel.

“Let’s wait an hour or so,” Donna Drews, their leader suggested, “Then Sharon will rent a car from the motel, and leave for Albert Lea and obtain new registration and license plates for our ‘new’ cars.”

“And we’ll just lay-low here,” Radiant-Dove White Eagle, added, “Boring—but necessary.”

Sharon rented the car from the motel. Ten minutes later—she was on her way.

Sharon Clark left the Motel ©JBoardmanTen minutes later—she was on her way.

To Be Continued…


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4 Responses to “Crap!”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    And so it begins…women can be more lethal than men when they want to be! Have we ever fought with a girl gang before?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joey Jerkovich says:

    Hmm, ALbert Lea. Fake document capital of the state?

    Liked by 1 person

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