Killers Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: Acme One Auto Sales… Joey slowed to pull into the dealership—and judged it—rightly to be one of those “Buyer BEWARE” kind of places.

He was right in that assumption.

The sales person immediately got in Joey’s face, “Are you looking to trade-up, today?”

“I doubt very-much that you have anything here that would qualify,” Joey replied, “Have any women come-in attempting to sell you cars?”

“I wish,” Sleazy McScuzzbucket replied, “Business has been slow.”

“Okay, thanks,” Joey said as he headed for the door—hoping he could get the residual scuzz-stink out of his nose.

He couldn’t.

Season 16—Adventure 7—Killers—Episode 6—Scene 1… Acme Two Sales… Ima McScuzzbucket greeted Boomer as he entered the show floor, “Are you lookin’ to trade-down to something you can afford?”

“BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Boomer replied, “It’s paid for.”

Boomer stopped at Acme Auto Sales 2 ©JBoardman“BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

“How may I help you… um… deputy?”

“Have any women come-in attempting to sell you cars?” Boomer asked.

“Nope,” he replied, “Business has been very-slow.”

“No big surprise. No auto-retailer I’ve spoken with has had a good month thus far.”

“Not even Farkleberry’s?”

“Farkleberry’s business is thriving—then again, nobody does a better job of reconditioning cars than Lar Farkleberry!”

“Is he honest?”

“Completely—you oughta try it,” Boomer quipped as he left.

Episode 6—Scene 2… At Silverthorn’s Café… “I NEED a shower,” Joey shuddered.



“I KNOW the feeling,” Boomer replied, “Wow—just WOW!”

“I assume your McScuzzbucket was as unhelpful as mine?”

“You are correct, sir.”

Boomer & Joey at Silverthorn’s Café ©JBoardman“You are correct, sir.”

Joey turned towards the window, “Hey look—a black Focus RS just drove by, headed north out-of-town.”

“That matches the description of the rental car from the motel,” Boomer said, “Let’s go!”

“Your meals are on us,” Kiwi said, “Go get them!”

Episode 6—Scene 3… On the County Road… “We should have caught her by now!”

“We should have, alright, Joey,” Boomer replied, “Let’s contact our posse and have them meet us at the motel.”

“How did they do that?”

Boomer & Joey failed to find the RS ©JBoardman“How did they do that?”

“I’m guessing they turned onto a side road before we could catch-up, Joey.”

“Okay, our folks are on their way to the motel.”

“Let’s go!”

Fifteen minutes later—the deputies converged on the Notel Motel.

Twenty minutes later, Chris exclaimed, “They’re gone!”

“They’re gone!”

“How did they do that?” Debra asked.

“I have no idea,” Chris replied.

Episode 6—Scene 4… Janine Wilber’s Cabin… Janine Wilbur loved her cabin, but she’d recently married, and was moving to her new home.

Cam Farkleberry, Realtor®, had facilitated the cash sale to Radiant-Dove White Eagle.

Bad Girl’s new hideout ©JBoardmanCam Farkleberry, Realtor®, had facilitated the cash sale…

Since no one in Moosehead County law enforcement dreamed that the “killer” women would be so brazen, as to buy a home, Cam had no idea this buyer was wanted.

To Be Continued…


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7 Responses to “McScuzzbucket?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I told you they were sneaky but I did not see that coming…hmmmm so the Red Truck is no longer important and I was wrong 😦 I do not like to be wrong 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Sneaky boggers

    Liked by 1 person

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