“Yes—a blonde, about 25, give or take.”

Killers Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: “Pull-over at that wayside rest—I want to see what we’ve earned by the guard’s demise.”

After counting the cash, Radiant-Dove White Eagle pulled back onto the highway, leaving Amy behind.


One simply does not cross Radiant-Dove White Eagle.

Episode 8—Scene 3…Sheriff Andy Silverthorn gave all his reserve deputies a two-week vacation.

Joey convinced Boomer to do a little fishing in the Brainerd Lakes area, “You’ll like fishing, Boomer.”

“That’s exactly what my parents told me when I was eight years old,” Boomer replied, “I hated fishing. You fish—I’ll keep-busy lake-watching.”

They were on Minnesota Highway 210, still several miles away from Brainerd, “There’s a wayside rest ahead, I’m going to stop there.”

As soon as the entered—both saw someone lying in the parking-lot.

Both ran over to the person—she was dead.

Season 16—Adventure 7—Killers—Episode 9—Scene 1… A Wayside Rest Stop… “One shot to the head.”

“Yeah, Joey,” Boomer said, “The question is—why?”

Joey went back to the car and called Sheriff Silverthorn, “Yeah Andy—it does look like a professional hit.”

“A woman, you say?”

“Yes—a blonde, about 25, give or take.”

Joey and Boomer find Amy ©JBoardman“Yes—a blonde, about 25, give or take.”

“I’ll contact the Crow Wing Sheriff and get back to you, Joey.”

“Joey—the sheriff is sending a squad to take-over the scene—stick around until he arrives.”

“Yeah, thanks, Andy.”

“Instructions?” Boomer asked as Joey returned.

“We wait for the Crow Wing County deputy to arrive—then we can play ‘vacation’ again.”

A relatively short time later—our “heroes” were back on the highway and looking for a place to stay.

The first motel they came to was Benson’s Motel, “Here?”

Joey and Boomer find a place to stay ©JBoardman“Here?”

“Perfect, Joey.”

Episode 9—Scene 2… Benson’s Motel Office… There was another waiting for the desk-clerk, “She said she’d be right back—20 minutes ago.”

Boomer and Joey’s “we are in the presence of a criminal” alarm sounded and both men affected their tourist act, “Yeah—happens almost every place we go—they see us coming and go hide.”

“Hey—speak for yourself, Joseph!”

“Sorry folks—I’m here alone and one of our guests fell and couldn’t get up.”

“Was the guest hurt?” Joey seemed concerned.

Joey & Boomer check-in to Benson’s ©JBoardman“Was the guest hurt?”

“No. She was drunk,” the clerk replied, “She’s going to have a grand mal headache in the morning.”

“Can I check-in now—Please?”

“Of course, Ma’am, how many?”

“Just me now, but I’ll need three more cabins.”

“Very-well, Ma’am, here are the keys,” the clerk smiled, “To your right as you leave the office—enjoy your stay.”

“One or two cabins, gentlemen?” She asked as the woman left.

“Two,” Joey grinned, “We don’t like each other.”

“Yes, ma’am—he’s an ass—and I snore.”

“You guys should be comedians,” she laughed as she selected cabin keys.”

“No—we shouldn’t,” Joey replied, “We’re here to fish and lake-watch—and he does snore.”

To Be Continued…


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4 Responses to “Yes—a blonde, about 25, give or take.”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    So the Criminal Buzzer went off hmmmmm they will figure it out I am sure of it. They are great detectives after all.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Women, a dangerous lot

    Liked by 1 person

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