“Should we take them out, boss?”

Killers Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: “Sorry folks—I’m here alone and one of our guests fell and couldn’t get up.”

“Was the guest hurt?” Joey seemed concerned.

“No. She was drunk,” the clerk replied, “She’s going to have a grand mal headache in the morning.”

“Can I check-in now—Please?”

“Of course, Ma’am, how many?”

“Just me now, but I’ll need three more cabins.”

“Very-well, Ma’am, here are the keys,” the clerk smiled, “To your right as you leave the office—enjoy your stay.”

“One or two cabins, gentlemen?” She asked as the woman left.

“Two,” Joey grinned, “We don’t like each other.”

“Yes, ma’am—he’s an ass—and I snore.”

“You guys should be comedians,” she laughed as she selected cabin keys.”

“No—we shouldn’t,” Joey replied, “We’re here to fish and lake-watch—and he does snore.”

Season 16—Adventure 7—Killers—Episode 10—Scene 1… Benson’s Motel Joey’s Cabin… The Crow Wing County deputy, Horace Smith, arrived at dusk in his own car, “Sorry fellas, to disturb you—you are the deputy sheriffs from Moosehead County—right?”

“We are, deputy,” Joey replied, “Why are you in uniform?”

Joey Boomer and Deputy in Joey’s Room ©JBoardman“Why are you in uniform?”

“If anyone asks, I’m responding to a disturbing the peace complaint. I stopped at the office before coming here.”

“That—will work,” Boomer laughed, “Joey’s known for that offense.”

“So, your office believes these women are responsible for all the recent robberies around here?”

“And for the murder of one of their bunch,” Boomer added.

“Especially that,” Horace replied, “We have several deputies and local police officers on their way here now to take them into custody—you two want in?”

“Sure,” Joey replied, “Why not?”

There was one reason that Joey’s question would be answered–negatively.

Deputy Smith was seen by Radiant-Dove when he arrived.

Episode 10—Scene 2… Benson’s Motel… Radiant-Dove’s Cabin… “I just saw a sheriff go into our fishermen’s cabin.”

“Should we take them out, boss?”

Radiant-Dove White Eagle and her gang met ©JBoardman“Should we take them out, boss?”

“Not yet,” She replied, “But to be safe, I’d like two of you to remain behind armed with the submachine guns, as the rest of us leave. We’ll wait for you to meet on the highway west of here. There’s a café out there, we’ll wait in the café.”

“And if nothing happens here?”

“Call me then,” she replied, “It could be nothing, we’ll know soon-enough.”

Radiant-Dove White Eagle never got the call.

To Be Continued…


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5 Responses to “Should we take them out, boss?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    The plot thickens 🙂

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  2. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Woah. Submachine gun. Now were talking

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