Klausen, Claus, and White Eagle were gone!

Killers Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: “I just saw a sheriff go into our fishermen’s cabin.”

“Should we take them out, boss?”

“Not yet,” She replied, “But to be safe, I’d like two of you to remain behind armed with the submachine guns, as the rest of us leave. We’ll wait for you to meet on the highway west of here. There’s a café out there, we’ll wait in the café.”

“And if nothing happens here?”

“Call me then,” she replied, “It could be nothing, we’ll know soon-enough.”

Radiant-Dove White Eagle never got the call.

Season 16—Adventure 7—Killers—Episode 11—Scene 1… Benson’s Motel… They never got the call because Donna Drews and Sharon Clark didn’t fight—they surrendered when confronted by our plucky heroes, Joey and Boomer, aided by several Crow Wing County deputies.

The two very-quickly told them where to find Kim Swanson, Karen Claus, and Radiant-Dove White Eagle—they were to meet at the Rustic Hiway Café.

“That’s where you’ll find them, Sheriff!” Donna exclaimed, “We’re done with them.”

Donna Drews & Sharon Clark surrender ©JBoardman“That’s where you’ll find them, Sheriff!”

“Yeah, they sold us out,” Sharon added, “Now, before we say anything more—we need a lawyer.”

Episode 11—Scene 2… Outside the Rustic Café… Joey & Boomer arrived first—followed closely by the Crow Wing deputies.

Klausen, Claus, and White Eagle were gone!

Joey & Boomer arrived at the Rustic Hiway Café ©JBoardmanKlausen, Claus, and White Eagle were gone!

“Thanks for all your help, deputies,” Crow Wing Deputy Sheriff Petersen said, “You fellas enjoy your fishing—we got this.”

“No problem, deputy,” Joey grinned, “But I feel a need to go home.”

As Joey and Boomer left, “What? You’re the one who wanted to fish—and drag me along so I could lake-watch.”

“That was the plan—but” Joey replied, “This café inspired me.”

“How so?”

“I want to open a café.”

“Really?” Boomer replied, “What about Jerkovich Photography?”

“Donna Wilson does all the real work now, and she’s really good at it. So good, in fact, that she is now the manager of the shop—with two employees.”

“Wow!” Boomer exclaimed, “Why is this the first I’ve heard about it?”

“It never came-up before,” he replied, “Now, I have a vision.”

Joey had a Vision ©JBoardman“Now, I have a vision.”

“Ahhhhh,” Boomer grinned, “I get it.”


Episode 11—Scene 3… Moosehead County Sheriff’s Office…  Chris, Linda, & Debra were called into the Sheriff’s Office, “I hope you three enjoyed your little vacations.”

“Uh-oh,” Debra commented, “I guess we’re about to have an adventure.”

“I hope so,” Chris added, grinning, “And I also hope it will involve Wyatt.”

The Posse met with the Sheriff ©JBoardman“And I also hope it will involve Wyatt.”

“It does involve Wyatt.”

“WYATT!” Chris exclaimed.

And so, this Adventure ends… But our story? Will Be Continued…


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2 Responses to Klausen, Claus, and White Eagle were gone!

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Love me some Wyatt!!!! Ready to adventure 🙂

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