“Yes, ‘Boss,’ you DO see my rank, right?”

Deputies Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: “That was the plan—but” Joey replied, “This café inspired me.” 

“How so?”

“I want to open a café.”

“Really?” Boomer replied, “What about Jerkovich Photography?”

“Donna Wilson does all the real work now, and she’s really good at it. So good, in fact, that she is now the manager of the shop—with two employees.”

“Wow!” Boomer exclaimed, “Why is this the first I’ve heard about it?”

“It never came-up before,” he replied, “Now, I have a vision.”

“Ahhhhh,” Boomer grinned, “I get it.”


Episode 11—Scene 3… Moosehead County Sheriff’s Office…  Chris, Linda, & Debra were called into the Sheriff’s Office, “I hope you three enjoyed your little vacations.”

“Uh-oh,” Debra commented, “I guess we’re about to have an adventure.”

“I hope so,” Chris added, grinning, “And I also hope it will involve Wyatt.”

“It does involve Wyatt.”

“WYATT!” Chris exclaimed.

Season 16—Adventure 8—Deputies—Episode 1—Scene 1… “Yup,” Wyatt replied, “Rip-roaring and ready to go!”

“Well, good,” Chris replied, “Head ‘em up—move ‘em out!”

“Yes, ‘Boss,’ you DO see my rank, right?”

“Rip roaring & Ready to go” ©JBoardman“Yes, ‘Boss,’ you DO see my rank, right?”

“Oops,” Chris laughed, “Head ‘em out—move ‘em out, Sir?”

“Indeed, Deputy Shouse, indeed.”

Theoretically, it was supposed to be a hand off extradited prisoners.


Things don’t always go as planned.

Episode 1—Scene 2… On the highway—heading for home… “As I see it,” Joey said, “I love creating interesting and enjoyable meals—from scratch—using only the best and freshest ingredients. That’s something that is lacking in the affordable dining scene. I believe there is a niche available for something like that.”

“Hmmm—you may be onto something.”

Joey & Boomer pass the armored transport ©JBoardman“Hmmm—you may be onto something.”

“I believe so. I’m just not certain how to proceed. I have a friend, Blanch Davis, who is also a gourmet chef, and who has expressed a similar idea: gourmet meals at family restaurant prices.”

“That sounds wonderful,” Boomer replied, “Gee—I wonder how the Silverthorns will react…”

“Let’s stop there and ask them,” Joey suggested, “Perhaps I’ll give Blanch a call and have her meet us there.”

Episode 1—Scene 3… Silverthorn’s Café… Hiram & Kiwi Silverthorn were both behind the counter when Joey & Boomer arrived—they were the only customers until Blanch Davis arrived a couple of minutes later.

“What’s on your mind?” Kiwi asked.

Joey & Boomer inside Silverthorn’s Café ©JBoardman“What’s on your mind?”

“How did you know…” Joey began his question.

“I descend from Native Seers,” Kiwi laughed, “But seriously, your face was a question mark.”

“Don’t play poker,” Hiram added, “At least not with Kiwi.”

“I want to open a restaurant & tavern.”


Our Story Will Be Continued…


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10 Responses to “Yes, ‘Boss,’ you DO see my rank, right?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Let us see we had Rawhide and I believe Reddington says Indeed all the time. Don’t know about Rip Roaring and Ready who was that?
    Off on a new Adventure and Joey thinking of a new career. Hey, are Chris and Wyatt getting married before this story ends?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Joey might have to take out health insurance. I heard he is quick with a knife. And clumpsy

    Liked by 1 person

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