There they were—Mac & Collie!

Deputies Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: “Married?”

“Nope—but in a relationship, Wyatt Earp—a deputy sheriff,” Chris replied, “He’s the best guy I’ve ever met.”

“Wyatt Earp? Is he related to…”

“Great-great grandchild.”


“Oh heck, we even have descendants of James Butler Hickok and Buffalo Bill Cody living here.”

“Are they all lawmen?

“James Butler Hickok III, the Great-Great-Grandson of the famous Wild Bill Hickok is a deputy US Marshal.”

“This Moosehead County must be a pretty-safe place,” Susan observed, “With these famous lawmen around.”

“You’ll be safe here.”

Episode 4—Scene 2… Outside Louisa, Anna and Susan’s Cottage… Linda saw the newcomers outside Donna Wilson’s former cottage, “Greetings ladies, welcome to Danger Bay. I’m Linda Bryant Halvorson. My husband Ralph and I live up on the bluff.”

Season 16—Adventure 8—Deputies—Episode 5—Scene 1… Outside Louisa, Anna and Susan’s Cottage… “Hello, Linda. I’m Susan Abedabun, and these two are Louisa & Anna James, my housemates.”

Linda visited Susan & Company at their Cottage ©JBoardman“Hello, Linda. I’m Susan Abedabun”

“Good to meet you,” Linda replied, “You’ll like it here. Ralph and I moved here several years ago and found it to be welcoming of newcomers.”

“So far—so good, thanks,” Susan replied, “Danger Bay seems to have an abundance of good eating establishments—and law-enforcement.”

“The answer is yes, to the restaurants & cafés,” Linda replied, “But law-enforcement? One deputy assigned to each village, and three to the County Seat—Moosehead City. There are also the Eagle Point Band of Ojibwa Police—who enforce the law on the reservation.”

“Ah,” Susan replied, “Thanks for clearing that up.”

Episode 5—Scene 2… Outside Mac & Collie’s Cabin… Joey and Boomer were on their way to Boomer’s place when they noticed the gate to the Cabin-on-the-Rock was open.

“Let’s check it out, Boomer.”

Boomer turned down the driveway.

There they were—Mac & Collie!

“Wait—what ARE you doing here?”

Outside the Mac & Collie’s Cabin ©JBoardman“Wait—what ARE you doing here?”

“We live here?” Mac rumbled.

“I was under the misapprehension you were spending the winter in Alabama.”

“We had enough of the crackers who seem to not like us very much,” Collie replied, “It’s gotten worse than it’s been in many-many years.”

“That sucks!” Joey exclaimed, “Welcome back.”

Episode 5—Scene 3… Inside Louisa, Anna and Susan’s Cottage… “Do we—or do we not have these yokels fooled?”

Inside Susan’s Cottage ©JBoardman“Do we—or do we not have these yokels fooled?”

“I believe we do, Anna,” Susan replied, “I’ve not had that little warning-voice speak to me in my head, so far.”

“So far…”

Our Story Will Be Continued…

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4 Responses to There they were—Mac & Collie!

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Wait “I’ve not had that little warning-voice speak to me in my head, so far.” Is she insane or is Juco talking to her? Of course, while Linda may have told her the Official Police Force she failed to mention the Unofficial Force 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Who you calling a yokel??

    Liked by 1 person

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