Deputies Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: Anna & Cam arrived at the house about five minutes later.

“You can see the coffee shop I was talking about from here,” Cam said.

“Oh—that’s close,” Anna replied, “Let’s view the inside.”

The two went into the house and spent a full half-hour touring the home—after which, Anna said, “Perfect! I’ll take it!”

Cam quoted the rent—Anna found that perfect as well.

“You are now a resident of Lakeview City,” Cam smiled, “The two of you should spend some time getting to know the town.”

“I’ll go pick-up Louisa, and we’ll do just that.”

Soon—the sisters went into town to fool the residents into thinking they were pleasant young women—they were very-good at that.

Season 16—Adventure 8—Deputies—Episode 8—Scene 1… Med & Jay’s Cyber Café Lakeview City… Louisa & Anna James took Cam Farkleberry’s advice and paid a visit.

“Hello girls, I’m Beatrice Ambrose—welcome to the Cyber Café!”

Louisa & Anna James at the Cyber Café ©JBoardman“Hello girls, I’m Beatrice Ambrose—welcome to the Cyber Café!”

“Hi,” Anna James replied, “Cam Farkelberry recommended you and suggested we pay a visit.”

“This really IS a cyber café,” Louisa observed, “With all those computer terminals.”

“We may be old,” Ambrose replied mildly, “But we ARE computer literate.”

“We’re looking for jobs,” Louisa said with a thousand-watt smile, “We were born quite well-off, but believe strongly in contributing to a community by being employed, or even in community service.”

“In this town, there are few-to-no jobs available,” Bee Merton said, “There are several volunteer opportunities posted on the town’s bulletin-board.”

“Wait a second,” Beatrice interrupted, “There is one employment opportunity—Dr. Neil Service Pettersen is looking for two reception people.”

“That’s right, I forgot about him,” Bee replied, “You should pay him a visit.”

Episode 8—Scene 1… The office of Dr. Pettersen… “Doctor Pettersen?” Louisa asked.

“Yes,” he replied, “How may I help you?”

“We understand you’re looking for reception help.”

Louisa & Anna James in Doctor Petterson’s Office ©JBoardman“We understand you’re looking for reception help.”

“Why yes, I am, you’re interested?”

“We are.”

Dr. Pettersen studied the two young women for a few moments, “Excuse me for a few minutes—I’ll be right back.”

As promised, the good doctor returned—grinning widely, “Yes, I can help you. I just spoke to someone who knows you—Radiant-Dove White Eagle—does that name ring a bell, Miss Swanson, and Miss Claus?”



“She is an old friend of mine.”

“Well—then,” Louisa replied, “You should know, the names we go by now, are not aliases—they are our real names.”

“And our so-called boss doesn’t even know that,” Anna replied, “Louisa & Anna James are our real names.”

“You want to cut Radiant-Dove out?”

“No—we want to kill her.”


Our Story Will Be Continued…

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4 Responses to DUN—DUN—DUNNNNN!

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    An Evil DR. too!! OH MY!! This is almost too much 🙂 🙂 to handle! 🙂 🙂

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  2. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    There is evil everywhere!!!!!

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