And with that—all four disappear from our story.

Everyday Life Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: Will that matter?

And Louisa & Anna James became Sandra and Grace Meyers,

In any case—the four were soon on the expressway from Duluth to Two Harbors.

William contacted the firm “Rentals Are Us” in Moosehead City and they made an arrangement to visit several rental properties in rural Moosehead County with the company.

They found the perfect place—in fact, it was the first one they looked at. As a bonus, it was only five miles away from Moosehead City and Moosehead County College where the girls would enroll in their adult education program.

The brothers insisted they attend for their plan to fit-in while keeping a low profile. “Sandra” and “Grace” were quite pleased to take advantage of this opportunity—it was far better than recruiting new gang-members.

In fact—all four fit-in so well—they’re disappearing from the Posse’s radar.

Season 17—Adventure 2—Everyday Life—Episode 1—Scene 1… Debra, Linda, and Chris On the Expressway… “Well,” Chris observed, “We can be back home in another three hours.”

“And,” Debra added, “Begin our search for the Pettersen brothers all over again.”

“Ya THINK?” Linda asked rhetorically.

Debra, Linda, and Chris on the Expressway ©JBoardman“Ya THINK?”

“One may hope,” Chris replied, “Otherwise—life could become boring.”

“Be careful what you wish for.”

“We COULD go back to the 19th Century—for a change.”

“We could, Chris,” Debra replied, “But—a little down-time would be better.”


Episode 1—Scene 2… Joey grilling dinner outside Boomer’s new place Boomer & “T” invited the Farkleberrys to a cookout—featuring Joey’s grilling expertise.

This was, in part, due to all the vehicles Lar had custom-built for the Posse, and on T’s part to thank Camille for making their real estate sales office a complete success. Camille was the consummate Realtor®, and her efforts had built Moosehead Real Estate Services into a Minnesota Arrowhead powerhouse.

“I wonder what happened to the Pettersen operation, Joey?”

Joey grilling dinner ©JBoardman“I wonder what happened to the Pettersen operation, Joey?”

“You know what?” Joey replied, “Right now—this minute, I don’t care.”

“Neither do I—just wondering, is all.”

“You two just quit your ‘wondering,’ and enjoy the party.”

“I wasn’t wondering—it was your husband!”

“Quit making excuses, Joey, and get that food done!”

“Yes ma’am.”

Episode 1—Scene 3… Inside the Boardman Brothers Cabin… “You two get registered at the college?”

Inside the Boardman Brothers Cabin ©JBoardman“You two get registered at the college?”

“No problem, Uncle Harry,” Sandra replied, “We enrolled in the Business Management degree program.”

And with that—all four disappear from our story.

For the time-being.

Our Story Will Be Continued…

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8 Responses to And with that—all four disappear from our story.

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Nice to have T hanging out for a change! She is a powerhouse. Is she attending the wedding?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joey Jerkovich says:

    I need a Sous chef.

    Liked by 1 person

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