Colonel Milton Bell

The Return of the SEVEN Banner ©JBoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “I believe it’s time to visit our Silverthorn connection,” Mac rumbled.

Episode 1—Scene 4… Inside the Silverthorn General Store… James, Abby, and elders Samuel & Ani were expecting the Seven, “Greetings from the 19th Century Silverthorn family. We have been expecting you.”

“Greetings you, Samuel, and your family,” Mac replied, “You’ve been expecting us?”

“We have—we asked Cujo to send you here—storm clouds are gathering.”

“Oh? Human clouds, I suspect.”

“Indeed,” James replied, “We have our militia—I fear they won’t be enough.”

“What are they expected to do, James?” Joey asked.

“Take over Moosehead County.”

Season 17—Adventure 4—The RETURN—Episode 2—Scene 1… Silverthorn’s General Store… Militia Colonel Mathias Red Cloud arrived at the store, “Hello Mathias.”

Col Mathias Red Cloud arrived at the General Store ©JBoardman“Hello Mathias.”

“How-do Jimmy,” Colonel Red Cloud replied, “I received word you wished to speak with me—what may I do for you?”

“These folks are friends and are here to assist us—in what I suspect may become, at least, a minor war.”

“I see you have some of your own militia—a captain and two sergeants-major,” he grinned, “And the others appear to be dangerous men and women; what need do you have of the militia?”

“Colonel Milton Bell,” Mac rumbled, “Is in Moosehead County—need I say more, Colonel?”

“No Sar-Major,” Red Cloud replied, “I dealt with that bastard during the war, he is a ruthless SOB.”

“How much of an imagination have you, Colonel?” Wyatt Earp asked, “If I told you we are from the Twenty-First Century—would you believe me?”

“Not that much.”

“It is true, Mathias,” James Silverthorn replied, “All these people are here from the future.”

“Jimmy? I can tell when one is lying to me—I detect no lie here,” a thunderstruck Red Cloud replied, “I knew Wyatt Earp from my days in Dakota Territory and you’re not him, Mr. Earp.”

“I am his descendant,” Wyatt replied.

Episode 2—Scene 2… An Encampment South of Moosehead County… Col. Milton Bell inspected his gathered troops (there were more on their way) as he rode along the long line of tents. He was pleased—the months of training had paid-off. Soon he’ll be ready to mount his attack on Moosehead County.

Colonel Milton Bell inspected his gathered troops…

“Major Jones?”

Encampment south of Moosehead County ©JBoardman“Major Jones?”


“You’ve done a fine job with these men,” Bell smiled, “But—our work has just begun—we have nearly one-hundred more men arriving in Grand Marais in a few days.”

“We can handle it, Sir, I’ve been working with our junior officers and our sergeants.

“Very-well, carry-on.”

To Be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    This sounds like the odds are more against us than usual! Can we handle that?

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