“How can you tell, Bill?”

The Return of the SEVEN Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: Col. Milton Bell inspected his gathered troops (there were more on their way) as he rode along the long line of tents. He was pleased—the months of training had paid-off. Soon he’ll be ready to mount his attack on Moosehead County.

Colonel Milton Bell inspected his gathered troops…

“Major Jones?”


“You’ve done a fine job with these men,” Bell smiled, “But—our work has just begun—we have nearly one-hundred more men arriving in Grand Marais in a few days.”

“We can handle it, Sir, I’ve been working with our junior officers and our sergeants.

“Very-well, carry-on.”

Season 17—Adventure 4—The RETURN—Episode 3—Scene 1… Deadwood, Dakota Territory… “Are you here—looking a lot like me—to take me in?”         

Andrew “Carstairs” confronts William Carstairs in Deadwood ©JBoardman“Are you here—looking a lot like me—to take me in?”

“No Mr. Carstairs, not anymore,” AJ replied, “I’m here to escort you home to Danger Bay—Marshal Jimmy Hickok has cleared you of all outstanding warrants.”

“So why are you dressed like me?”

“To help clear your name, originally,” AJ replied, “And since—because I like the look.”

“I’m not sure you should—you may be mistaken for me and have to draw-down on some hard-case wannabe.”

In less than an eyeblink, AJ drew his .44 and pointed it towards Carstairs’ left ear.

“Okay, bearded one, I’m convinced,” Carstairs laughed, “Let’s hit the trail.”

Episode 3—Scene 2… Returning from Deadwood, Dakota Territory… The ride out of Deadwood had been boring. Until now.

Four men were approaching—and the more experienced Carstairs cautioned AJ, “Unloop your .44, AJ, these fellows are going to confront us.”

“How can you tell, Bill?”

Returning from Deadwood, Dakota Territory ©JBoardman“How can you tell, Bill?”

“Many years’ experience my young friend—as they come closer; watch their eyes.”

Keen-eyed AJ didn’t notice until they were dangerously close—but his young-man’s quick reflexes made-up for that—all four were dead before their respective bodies hit the ground.

Hector Kowalski, the straw-boss of these hired-guns, wasn’t nearly as observant as Carstairs—and waited too long to order his friends to prepare for combat.

Two of the four were dead on the ground before their hands reached their guns. The other two were able to draw before following their compatriots’ fate.

“Well—that takes care of that!” AJ exclaimed, “I suspect, however, they’re not the only ones looking for us.”

“I’m sure they’re not the only ones.”

Carstairs was probably correct.

To Be Continued…

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