“You would think that, Joey.”

Present & Past Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously: Episode 1—Scene 4… On the North Road… Chris & Bill with Mac rode with cautious haste towards where Flutters reported the last known place he saw Boomer & company.

“What means this term, ‘cautious haste,’ I wonder,” Chris asked.

“I suspect—although I’m not entirely sure—word-play on the part of the author of this particular story.”

“THAT figures.”

Season 17—Adventure 5—Present & Past—Episode 2—Scene 1… Joey and Debra on the North Road… several miles behind Mac and company…

“C’mon Joey,” Debra insisted, “Faster.”

“We don’t want to exhaust our horses.”

“The only one becoming… ‘exhausted’ is me.”

Joey and Debra on the North Road ©JBoardman“The only one becoming… ‘exhausted’ is me.”

“I think the word ‘impatient’ applies better.”

“You would think that, Joey.” Debra laughed.

“Yes—yes I would.”

The minutes stretched into hours as the two rode (mostly) in silence—each lost in thought (Joey thinking about his REAL WORLD™ cabin up north, Wolfwood—Debra about her Sheridesdesigns™)

Episode 2—Scene 2… Meanwhile at Fort Wabanquot (Named after the Ojibwe chief who signed the Treaty of Washington in 1867) in Moosehead County… 5th Minnesota Cavalry Regiment Company A, under the command of Lt. Seth Adams departed Fort Wabanquot. They were the only regular army unit within a hundred miles of Moosehead County.

Troopers & Lieutenant Adams departed the fort ©JBoardman5th Minnesota Cavalry Regt Co A departed Fort Wabanquot

Adams headed south on the North Road towards Boomer, AJ, & Alphonso’s last known position.

He pressed his cavalry with a very-fast pace—and sent scouts ahead to search for Bell’s troops.

It didn’t take long for the scouts to find Bell—and they returned and reported his location.

The scouts also found a parallel trail along a ridge overlooking the North Road.

“Hurry, gentlemen,” Adams ordered, “Get those big guns in place; our friends are counting on us.”

Episode 2—Scene 3… On the Ridge overlooking North Road… Adams’ two big 12pdr guns opened-fire on Milton Bell and his men—half of them were killed, or mortally wounded.

Adams’ Artillery Ambushed Merton Bell ©JBoardmanAdams’ two big 12pdr guns opened-fire…

Unfortunately—half survived, including Bell.

Still—it was a start.

“We did our best, Lieutenant,” Sergeant Stern sighed, “This was just a too narrow an opening.”

“No problem, Sarge—I’ll take our cavalry and we’ll ride them into the dirt. You and your men return to the fort.”

“Good hunting, Seth!”

Episode 2—Scene 3… Back on the North Road… James (Diamond Jim) Wilford & his men, along with Boomer, AJ, & Alphonso continued making their way towards Danger Bay, when Flutters appeared, “Friends are coming!”

Flutters finds Boomer & company ©JBoardman“Friends are coming!”

“But not soon enough, Birdbrain,” Ghost-Cat Tiger-Lily interrupted, “We have riders approaching—fast!”

“Way to go, bird-of-brain!” Daisy barked.

Will Be Continued…

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2 Responses to “You would think that, Joey.”

  1. Joey Jerkovich says:

    Everyone wants rush Joey. Joey is his own man!


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Don’t pick on Flutters!! He does the best he can! Good to hear from Tiger-Lily it has been awhile! 🐱


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