Present & Past Banner ©JBoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Mac?” Boomer asked his old friend, “Suggestions?”

“Yes, Boss,” Mac rumbled, “First—place two 12pdr guns behind the gates—loaded with canister (often bits of chain, nails, and other small metal scraps), and when they come within 50 yards, open the gates and open-fire. Next—brigade a few a mixed-forces of Native warriors, militia, and posse-members to harass Bell’s units—hit & run. Give them no rest, wear them down and hurt their morale.”

“You heard the man,” Boomer ordered, “Chris? You take command of the Posse. You’ll be our scouts and light-cavalry.”

“Colonel Red Cloud? Form a ‘Legion’ along the lines of ‘Hampton’s Legion’ of Civil War fame, include the lumberjacks—they’ll make fine sharpshooters.”

“The lumberjacks are not riders, Captain, and move slowly by comparison—but their skills as marksmen should make-up for that.”

“Thanks, Mathias,” Boomer concluded the meeting, “Let’s get going!”

Season 17—Adventure 5—Present & Past—Episode 5—Scene 1… Outside Fort Wabanquot Colonel Red Cloud, Captain Boomer and Master Sergeant Jerkovich met with Lieutenant Adams outside the fort, “Joey and I will return in an hour or so, Seth—get your defense preparations ready.”

“You’re not gonna help, Boomer?” Adams cracked-wise.

“What—and take-away your fun?”

Outside Fort Wabanquot ©JBoardman“What—and take-away your fun?”

“Good point—Sir”


Adams returned into the fort and set-about his preparations, as the three rode-off.

“The young lieutenant appears to be shaping-up into a mature officer, Boomer.”

“He is, Mathias,” Boomer replied, “Especially after Joey took him to the woodshed, so to speak.”

“I bribed him with a home-cooked meal,” Joey snorted.

“Y’know, Joey,” Boomer replied, “I could use a little bribery.”

“Good luck with that.”

Episode 5—Scene 2… On the South Road… Chris and the Posse stopped on a hill overlooking South Road—soon a gaggle of Bell’s men rode-by, “Let’s take them out!”

The Posse stopped on a hill overlooking South Road ©JBoardman“Let’s take them out!”

Every member of the Posse was an accomplished marksman—and every shot found it’s victim.

There were twelve fewer men in Bell’s army.

“We’d best move-on quickly,” Wyatt observed, “Hit & run is our best tactic.”

“There may be more targets coming.”

“True, AJ,” Wyatt replied, “And they’ll see the bodies of our victims.”

“Good point.”

They rode on.

Episode 5—Scene 2… On the North Road… Mathias, Boomer & Joey stopped at a hill overlooking the North Road—and waited.

They didn’t have to wait long.

Mathias Boomer & Joey overlooking North Road ©JBoardmanThey didn’t have to wait long.

A gaggle of Bell’s men rode south on the road.

They were dead on the ground in seconds. (Remember GENTLE READER—they’re not REALLY dead—they’re paid extras and will return in another episode)

The truth of the matter—they were only a small fraction of Bell’s bad guys.

Our story will be Continued…

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3 Responses to “Wise-ass!”

  1. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    The way to a man’s, and woman’s, stomach is a good meal

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Blood Bath 🙂


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