“THIS oughta be fun!”

Present & Past Banner ©JBoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Chris and the Posse stopped on a hill overlooking South Road—soon a gaggle of Bell’s men rode-by, “Let’s take them out!”

Every member of the Posse was an accomplished marksman—and every shot found it’s victim.

There were twelve fewer men in Bell’s army.

“We’d best move-on quickly,” Wyatt observed, “Hit & run is our best tactic.”

“There may be more targets coming.”

“True, AJ,” Wyatt replied, “And they’ll see the bodies of our victims.”

“Good point.”

They rode on.

Episode 5—Scene 2… On the North Road… Mathias, Boomer & Joey stopped at a hill overlooking the North Road—and waited.

They didn’t have to wait long.

A gaggle of Bell’s men rode south on the road.

They were dead on the ground in seconds. (Remember GENTLE READER—they’re not REALLY dead—they’re paid extras and will return in another episode)

The truth of the matter—they were only a small fraction of Bell’s bad guys.

Season 17—Adventure 5—Present & Past—Episode 6—Scene 1… Bell’s campground near Flyspeck… Milton Bell was livid, “How can these rustics take-out seasoned gunfighters?”

Bell’s Campground near Flyspeck ©JBoardman“How can these rustics take-out seasoned gunfighters?”

No one volunteered an answer—they were equally perplexed.

Finally, after several minutes, one gunfighter, Sam Collins spoke, “We need to go out in force—no more small-in-number sorties.”

Bell mulled his suggestion over for a few minutes, “Good idea, Sam. We’ll do just that.”

“May I suggest two forces: One circle around to the north, the other to the south, and destroy any and all resistance once, and for all.”

“Okay Sam,” Bell replied, “You command the north and I’ll take the south force. Let’s ride!”

Episode 6—Scene 2… Meanwhile at Colonel Red Cloud’s Office in Fort Wabanquot… “Effective immediately, I’m promoting Master Sergeant Jerkovich to First Lieutenant, and Corporal AJ Boardman to Master Sergeant,” Lt. Colonel Mathias Red Cloud announced, “Captain Boomer? You are ordered to form a guerilla unit and perform hit and run sorties against Colonel Bell’s units wherever you find them—give them no rest.”

“Yes sir,” Capt. Boomer replied, “THIS oughta be fun!”

In Red Cloud’s office ©JBoardman“THIS oughta be fun!”

“Yup,” Lt. Jerkovich grinned, “That will make Chris Earp very happy.”

“Fun, Captain?”

“I have a rather—warped sense of humor.”

“Indeed,” Red Cloud laughed, “War does warp humor. Get busy and get your force together.”

“On it!”

Episode 6—Scene 3… Inside the Posse HQ… Captain Boomer addressed the Posse… “These are our orders—issued by Colonel Red Cloud,” Boomer announced, “Your input into how we accomplish our assignment are welcome.”

Inside the Posse HQ ©JBoardman“These are our orders—issued by Colonel Red Cloud…”

Chris Earp rubbed her hands together in anticipation, “YES!”

And so, this Adventure ends… But our story? Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Yes, I do seem rather gleeful lol

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