Preparing for BATTLE

BATTLE Banner ©JBoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Effective immediately, I’m promoting Master Sergeant Jerkovich to First Lieutenant, and Corporal AJ Boardman to Master Sergeant,” Lt. Colonel Mathias Red Cloud announced, “Captain Boomer? You are ordered to form a guerilla unit and perform hit and run sorties against Colonel Bell’s units wherever you find them—give them no rest.”

“Yes sir,” Capt. Boomer replied, “THIS oughta be fun!”

“Yup,” Lt. Jerkovich grinned, “That will make Chris Earp very happy.”

“Fun, Captain?”

“I have a rather—warped sense of humor.”

“Indeed,” Red Cloud laughed, “War does warp humor. Get busy and get your force together.”

“On it!”

Episode 6—Scene 3… Inside the Posse HQ… Captain Boomer addressed the Posse…

“These are our orders—issued by Colonel Red Cloud,” Boomer announced, “Your input into how we accomplish our assignment are welcome.”

Chris Earp rubbed her hands together in anticipation, “YES!”

Season 17—Adventure 5—BATTLE!—Episode 1—Scene 1… Inside the Posse HQ…  “Settle-down, Chris,” Captain Boomer laughed, “Let’s get down to planning.”

“I have a ‘plan,’ let’s go back to the 21st Century!”

JOEY!” Debra exclaimed.

Inside the Posse HQ ©JBoardman“JOEY!”

“Kidding, Deb, just kidding.”

“There aren’t enough of us to split-up,” Chris Earp correctly observed, “We’ll have to depend on Flutters and our ghost-critters to keep us informed of targets’ locations.”

“Good idea, Misses Earp,” Boomer agreed, “We need to send for Flutters, as well.”

“We must not waste too much time planning,” Mac observed, “I suggest we get on the move now.”

“Agreed, Mac,” Boomer replied, “Let’s head north as I suspect that’s the last place they’d expect us to strike.”

“Maybe we can help?” Jimmy Silverthorn IV asked as he entered, “I bring four 21st Century warriors.”

“JIMMY!” Boomer exclaimed.

Episode 1—Scene 2… Inside the Posse HQ… Just after James Silverthorn arrived… “In the flesh,” Jimmy replied, “And I bring four warriors with me—we wish to join you.”

“By all means,” Boomer replied, “But—it may be a suicide-mission.”

Jimmy arrived at the Posse HQ ©JBoardman“But—it may be a suicide-mission.”

“Life, my friend, IS a suicide-mission—no one gets out alive.”

Boomer explained their orders and what Colonel Red Cloud expected—including their chances of surviving the mission.

“We know all that—and as you know; we too are time-travelers. Cujo will intercede and return us to the 21st Century before we left.”

Episode 1—Scene 3… At Colonel Milton Bell’s Headquarters… Colonel Milton Bell was with his commanders: Jay Johnson, Frank Smith, Jason Black & James Carlson and making plans—dangerous plans, for what be known as: “That battle of Moosehead County.”

“This is what I want you to do, gentlemen.”

At Colonel Milton Bell’s Headquarters ©JBoardman“This is what I want you to do, gentlemen.”

And he proceeded to outline his nefarious plan…

Our story will be Continued…

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3 Responses to Preparing for BATTLE

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Thinking on this The Bad Guys don’t stand a chance with us being able to travel and ghost critters. I feel confident we will prevail!

    Liked by 1 person

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