“You may open fire!”

BATTLE Banner ©JBoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Lt. Adams has joined Bell?” Wyatt began, “This complicates matters for us.”

“Perhaps not,” Mac replied, “They’re all in one place—convenient, eh?”

“Indeed,” Boomer said, “And we’ll take advantage of that.”

“The ghost critters are keeping-track of where Bell is placing his people,” Flutters said, “That should help.”

That, GENTLE READER, was a bit of an understatement.

“If they all remain inside the fort, we can lay siege.”

“That’s true,” Mac agreed, “But I suspect Bell is too experienced an officer to make that mistake.”

“We should consider guerilla tactics,” Joey suggested, “Draw them out, or if they are out, take them on piecemeal.”

“Flutters! Send our ghost-critters out to locate any of Bell’s people outside the fort.”

Episode 8—Scene 2… Meanwhile inside Fort Wabanquot… “Are our troops deployed, Lieutenant?”

“Yes sir,” Adams replied, “All are in position.”

“Good,” he replied, “And our artillery batteries are in place—loaded with grape-shot, now—we wait.”

Season 17—Adventure 5—BATTLE!—Episode 9—Scene 1… Outside Fort Wabanquot… Captain Boomer’s legion infiltrated in front of the fort—taking position above and behind Bell’s men.

When everyone was in position—Boomer gave the order: “You may open fire!”

Captain Boomer’s legion infiltrated in front of the fort ©JBoardman“You may open fire!”

With high-flying Flutters’ help, our heroes’ fire was devastating—killing or wounding all of Bell’s men in a matter of minutes.

“How did they do that?” Bell bellowed-out his question.

Clearly—he underestimated Captain Boomer (and—more to the truth—the very-experienced in the art of war, Big Mac McIntyre).

Lieutenant Adams replied, “They’ll stand no chance when we reveal our artillery.”


Episode 9—Scene 2… Outside Fort Wabanquot… Captain Boomer, after the enemy skirmishers had been defeated—gave the order, “Advance the artillery and open fire on the fort!”

The battle began with the artillery ©JBoardman“Advance the artillery and open fire on the fort!”

“You heard him, boys,” Sergeant McCoy ordered, “Get it done!”

With Silverthorn’s riflemen giving them cover by firing on the fort—they advanced into position.

McCoy was no fool in positioning his two guns—they were on both flanks of the supporting riflemen. For their part, the riflemen concentrated on the fort’s artillery crews, and McCoy on the guns.

The fort was equipped with large twelve-pounder guns—McCoy with much smaller six-pounder guns. Two of the fort’s guns were on the wall, and the other two at ground-level in the gate to the fort.

Twenty-minutes later—all four guns were destroyed.

Episode 9—Scene 2… Outside Fort Wabanquot…  At that time Boomer’s Cavalry and Earp’s Posse charged the fort.

The final battle for Moosehead County ©JBoardmanBoomer’s Cavalry and Earp’s Posse charged the fort.

They rode past the destroyed guns and gates and captured all the survivors.

Except one—Milton Bell.

And so, this Adventure ends… But our story? Our story will be Continued…


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4 Responses to “You may open fire!”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Bell is slippery like an eel! I am sure we have not seen the last of him. Seems like we have been chasing him for many decades 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    That Cad!!! GRRRRRRR.

    Liked by 1 person

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