“It appears we’re in the clear.”

The Search Banner ©JBoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Captain Boomer, after the enemy skirmishers had been defeated—gave the order, “Advance the artillery and open fire on the fort!”

“You heard him, boys,” Sergeant McCoy ordered, “Get it done!”

With Silverthorn’s riflemen giving them cover by firing on the fort—they advanced into position.

McCoy was no fool in positioning his two guns—they were on both flanks of the supporting riflemen. For their part, the riflemen concentrated on the fort’s artillery crews, and McCoy on the guns.

The fort was equipped with large twelve-pounder guns—McCoy with much smaller six-pounder guns. Two of the fort’s guns were on the wall, and the other two at ground-level in the gate to the fort.

Twenty-minutes later—all four guns were destroyed.

Episode 9—Scene 2… Outside Fort Wabanquot…  At that time Boomer’s Cavalry and Earp’s Posse charged the fort.

They rode past the destroyed guns and gates and captured all the survivors.

Except one—Milton Bell.

Season 17—Adventure 6—The Search—Episode 1—Scene 1… Inside Fort Wabanquot… “Where is he?”

Inside Fort Wabanquot ©JBoardman“Where is he?”

“I haven’t a clue, Mac,” Boomer replied, “But I suspect Juco may be involved.”

“As do I. There is no way out the back of the fort.”

“Where’s Cujo when we need her?”

“Sometimes, she just leaves us to our own devices, Wyatt,” Boomer replied, “She is there for us when it really counts.”


“We should interview our prisoners,” Chris suggested, “Not that they’ll know anything—it can’t hurt.”

“Agreed,” Wyatt replied, “Someone may have a clue.”

“Would torture be allowed?”



Episode 1—Scene 2… Somewhere in Moosehead County… Colonel Milton Bell and two of his fellow escapees (who had hidden like the cowards they are behind the fort) were on the road—indeed thanks to Juco.

“It appears we’re in the clear.”

Colonel Milton Bell on the run ©JBoardman“It appears we’re in the clear.”

“Don’t be too certain,” Bell replied, “They’ve managed to find us every time we thought we’d evaded them—and I haven’t a clue how.”

“Where are we headed, boss?”

“Dakota Territory,” Bell replied, “Maybe Deadwood.”

“Isn’t that where Bill Hickok hangs out?”

“He won’t bother us, Rufus,” Bell replied, “As long as we don’t break the law.”

“So how do we pay for lodging and food?”

“Just like Hickok, we play poker—I seldom lose.”

“You cheat, right?”

“I have a very-good memory and can count cards without being caught. And—I won’t play at the same table as Hickok.”

“I don’t know, boss,” Rufus replied, “We still must get out of Moosehead County.”

“Just another mile to go.”

He should have looked up and behind them…

Our story will be Continued…


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1 Response to “It appears we’re in the clear.”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    No torture? Fiddlesticks!! Was that Wyatt that said that? If so a man after my own heart 🙂


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