The Search Banner ©JBoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “What was that?”

“I expect, Sean, it was just a bad stretch of track,” Bell replied, “Don’t worry about it.”

The others aboard the train seemed unaffected by the jostling, and Sean seemed comforted by that.

“I wonder if the Moosehead County folks have figured-out that we’re gone yet?”

“I expect they haven’t, Boss,” Sean laughed.

“Ya THINK, Sean?” Bell replied, “They’ve managed confound us before.”

Episode 4—Scene 3… Inside the Adventure Train in Dakota Territory… “How long to Deadwood?”

“I’ll check with the engineer, Debra” Captain Boomer replied, “Hey Phil…”

Phil replied, “An hour, Boomer.”

“THAT long?” Boomer laughed.

“If we stop for a picnic—longer.”

“I want a picnic,” Joey said, “I have all the fixings.”

“Of COURSE, you do,” Linda replied, “That’s a given.”

“Joey LIKES ‘given’ us his culinary-creations!” Debra punned.

There was a pun-inspired groan in response.

Season 17—Adventure 6—The Search—Episode 5—Scene 1… Just outside of Deadwood… The Adventure Train slowed to a stop—and all the humans and critters (sentient horses, critters, both alive and ghost, and of COURSE, Flutters) exited the train to the nearby road.

Just outside of Deadwood ©JBoardmanJust outside of Deadwood

Round ‘em up—Head ‘em out!” Chris Earp exclaimed.

RAWHIDE,” Big-Mac added—to everyone’s surprise.

Including Big Mac, “I really said that? YIKES!”

“Yes, sadly, you said that,” Boomer replied.

Episode 5—Scene 2… Deadwood Marshal’s Office… “Howdy Bill,” Boomer greeted his friend as they walked-in, “How’s Jingles P. Jones?

The Posse met-up with Hickok ©JBoardman“How’s Jingles P. Jones?”

“Do I LOOK like Guy Madison?” Hickok replied.

“Not at all—he was much-better looking.”

“What brings you here—besides your horses?”

“Fugitives from Danger Bay—they thought they had safely escaped on a train.”

“How long before they arrive?”

“A week,” Chris guessed, “Maybe longer.”

“Good,” Hickok replied, “That will give us plenty of time to prepare a surprise party in their honor.”

Episode 5—Scene 3… Two weeks later in Deadwood, Dakota Territory… Colonel Bell’s Train (finally) arrived in Deadwood—they’d had a couple of (Beagamute-assisted) breakdowns along the way.

Colonel Bell’s Train finally arrived in Deadwood ©JBoardmanColonel Bell’s Train (finally) arrived in Deadwood

Bell and company went directly to the to the Nuttal & Mann’s saloon as their rough journey had raised a powerful thirst—that could only be cured by several jiggers of rot-gut whisky.

Of COURSE, they were observed (and overheard) by a ghost critter or two.

Of COURSE, the ghost critters quickly reported their presence to the posse.

Of COURSE, Bell began recruiting hired-guns from among the saloon’s customers.

Of COURSE, GENTLE READER, This is the point where we end this Episode…

Our story will be Continued…


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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh boy does Bell have a surprise coming! I just love it!

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