“May I assume the banker is an outlaw?”

The Search Banner ©JBoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Wealth is not all that important to me,” Carstairs replied, “We have accumulated a large fortune over the past many years, as my little brother is a skilled money manager.”

“What would it take for you to join us?”

“For you to join US instead,” Carstairs replied, “We’ve never been driven out of any town—much less a county or territory.”

To say the Bell was flabbergasted, would be an understatement.

To say the Kai Braveheart had to tell his living friends—would also be an understatement.

Kai materialized and reported what heard at Nuttal & Mann’s Saloon, “We’re in!” he exclaimed, “Carstairs extended the bait, and took-over the operation”

“Good Boy,” Linda replied, “I must have a doggie-treat here somewhere for you!”

“Thank you,” Kai replied, “But I’m a ghost—treats are impossible for me to eat.”

“I forgot.”

“It’s the thought…”

“I believe we should give Carstairs some time to establish his creds,” Jimmy Hickok suggested, “He will set-up a recruiting place to add people to his ‘army,’ and I have found some possible recruits for him.”

“Can we assume those recruits have appropriate credentials?” Chris Earp asked.

“Oh yes,” Hickok replied, “All are reformed ex-cons and personal friends. We can trust them—to a point. Carstairs will ensure they don’t pass that point.”

Season 17—Adventure 6—The Search—Episode 7—Scene 1… Cora Anne Carlson’s Lobby… “We’re looking for some reliable help, Cora, and Marshal Hickok suggested you as a source.”

“Aw—that was sweet of him,” Cora Anne Carlson replied, “What kind of men?”

Cora Anne Carlson’s Lobby ©JBoardman“What kind of men?”

“Honest & loyal men—capable of following orders,” Carstairs replied, “And tough.”


“Only in appearance.”

“All my customers, except the banker,” Cora laughed, “look like outlaws.”

“May I assume the banker is an outlaw?”

“A legal one.”

Episode 7—Scene 2… Outside Cora Anne Carlson’s brothel…Carstairs spoke to the newly-hired men…  “Here’s the deal, gentlemen,” Carstairs said, after completing the interviews, “You’ve been selected as reliable men by Marshal Hickok, and I’ve selected you for an important job.”

“What kind of job?” Phineas Johnson asked.

Outside Cora Ann’s ©JBoardman“What kind of job?”

“To be hired-guns for Colonel Milton Bell,” Carstairs replied, “He’s expected to arrive in the next several days and we know he must hire gunmen, as we believe he wants to take over Tombstone to be his new base of operations.”

“Will we be working for you?”

“No,” Carstairs replied, Captain Boomer, would you be so kind to address these men?”

“Certainly Bill…”

Captain Boomer was interrupted by a fellow at the head of the riders, “You any good with that Reming…”

Boomer finished his question with his .44 pointed at his head, “Fair to middling.”

The man’s eyes grew wide and he suffered a comment from one his friends, “I think he answered your question, Rufus.”

Our story will be Continued…


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2 Responses to “May I assume the banker is an outlaw?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Go Boomer!! You show em

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