“Wow—what a view!”

The Fugitive 21st Century Banner ©JBoardmanPreviously:  Mac & Collie McIntyre had been monitoring the Posse-members’ activities—and were quite caught up in that duty to the degree that both jumped when the door opened, “Hey little big brother—how are you?”

“MERLE!” Mac exclaimed, “It’s been way too-long!”

“A-HEM!” the woman standing next to Merle exclaimed, “Aren’t you going to introduce me?”

“Forgive me, m’dear—where ARE my manners,” Merle replied, “May I introduce my bride, White Dove—and before he starts complaining, Trooper.”

“Very pleased to meet you, White Dove, I’m Collie McIntyre—welcome to the family.”

“Thank you, Collie,” White Dove replied, “Merle has mentioned you as his reason for marrying me—thank you very much.”

“So—what is it you do here, brother?”

Season 17—Adventure 8—The Fugitive 21st Century—Episode 10—Scene 1… Inside the Posse HQ… “Wow!” Merle exclaimed, “This place is too cool!”

Merle & White Dove McIntyre arrived in the Posse HQ ©JBoardman“This place is too cool!”

“It works for us very well,” Mac replied, “AND it allowed Collie & I to move to a new cabin overlooking Danger Bay of Lake Superior.”

“What did you do with the old place?”

“Cu-Cu made it disappear,” Collie replied, “It’s just forest now.”

“Do you have as big a home as the Cabin-on-the-Rock?”

“No,” Collie replied, “But—it’s big enough to have you as our guests.”

“And,” Mac added, “We’d be pleased to have you as our guests.”

“For how long?” Merle asked.

“We have four bedrooms—each with their own baths,” Collie replied, “You’re family—you may stay forever if you’d like.”

“Wow!” White Dove exclaimed, “We will certainly accept you offer—but probably not forever.”

“Let’s go!” Mac exclaimed.

Episode 10—Scene 2… Outside the McIntyre cabin… “Wow—what a view!”

What a view ©JBoardman“Wow—what a view!”

“I agree, White Dove,” Collie replied, “We never tire of this view of the harbor.”­­

Merle looked around the property for a while—before commenting, “It’s very secluded here.”

“It is that,” Mac grinned, “We don’t need the security cameras—as this is a dead-end road and no one drives on it—at least not very often.”

“May we see the inside?” White Dove asked.

“Of course, c’mon in,” Collie replied.

Episode 10—Scene 3… Inside the McIntyre cabin… After a tour of the cabin, White Dove exclaimed, “This is spectacular!”

This is spectacular ©JBoardman“This is spectacular!”

“Thanks, White Dove,” Collie replied, “We had the time to put a lot of thought into our building plan; as we were in no hurry to leave the Cabin-on-the-Rock.”

“Thank you, big-brother,” Merle added, “We really appreciate the place to live.”

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    This all looks familiar 🙂

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