Down on the Farm

Vacations Banner ©JBoardman PREVIOUSLY: “Mister Braddock is ending his quest—for now.”

 “Really, Chris?” Linda replied, “Why?”

“Apparently some, now late, members of his gang were a little too careless in their conversations—they paid with their lives.”

“VACATION!” Joey exclaimed, to nobodies’ surprise.

“I think I’d like to visit Pine County, and my uncle’s old farm—I hear it’s for sale,” Boomer said, “If the price is right—I may just buy it.”

“You?” Linda cracked-wise, “A gentleman farmer?”

“See if you get an invitation, Cousin!

Season 17—Adventure 9—VACATIONS—Episode 1—Scene 1… Eric O’Hara met Boomer at the Farm—that’s RIGHT, GENTLE READER™, farm!

Located in Pine County, roughly 180 miles south of Danger Bay—the farm was once owned by Boomer’s Aunt Florence & John Cecil Carroll—and it is now for sale.

Eric O’Hara met Boomer at the farm, “You said on the phone, this once was your aunt & uncle’s farm?”

Eric O’Hara met Boomer at the Farm ©JBoardman“You said on the phone, this once was your aunt & uncle’s farm?”

“Yes,” Boomer replied, “I drove down here on a whim—and saw the ‘for sale’ sign.”

“Well,” O’Hara began, “It’s a part of an estate sale. Most of the acreage was purchased by nearby farmers—this parcel is 25 acres and is all that remains of the estate.”

“Very-well, then, let’s take a look inside,” O’Hara began—and Boomer cut him off…

“We’ll wait for my wife, she’ll be representing us—should we decide to purchase.”

“So—that’s how you want to play it?” O’Hara laughed, “Very-well, then, how long…?”

“Just about now,” Boomer replied, “Here she comes.”

Episode 1—Scene 2… Inside the farmhouse…  “WOW!” Boomer exclaimed, “They made a lot of changes—I hardly recognize the place!”

O’Hara Teresa & Boomer toured the farmhouse ©JBoardman“They made a lot of changes—I hardly recognize the place!”

“Still—it’s in good shape,” Teresa rejoined, “Nothing we can’t handle.”

“True,” Boomer agreed, “It’s in better shape than our house was when we first moved into it.”

“Yes,” Teresa agreed, “That much is certain—now YOU get out of here while we professionals discuss the details of our purchase.”

“Yes ma’am,” Boomer laughed. In truth—he was aching to check-out that old pick-up truck out in the barn.

“The keys are on the kitchen counter,” O’Hara said, “I started the truck last week and it runs fine.”

“How did you know?”

“I saw you giving the truck a good look as we walked past it,” O’Hara grinned.

“Okay,” Teresa said, “Here’s our offer—based in part on my research of recent sales of similar properties in the county.”

After looking the offer over, O’Hara said, “This is not a bad offer—let me contact the administrator of the estate.”

O’Hara returned ten minutes later, “It took a little convincing—but the administrator accepted the offer.”

Our story will be Continued…

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2 Responses to Down on the Farm

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Just love how she (T) handles her Real Estate transactions in such a professional manner! It has been many years now since we met IRL (first bloggers convention in LAS) but I was always impressed with her photography skills also

    Liked by 1 person

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