“I see Kelly’s car.”

Vacations Banner ©J. BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “What do you want us to do, Boss?”

“Just observe for the time being, they’re way too dangerous for you guys to handle alone—I’ll send help your way,” he replied, “Keep me informed on their activities—they don’t know you, so strike-up a conversation if the opportunity presents itself.”

“Boomer—Teresa welcome!” Jay Merton exclaimed.

“I thought you’d still be fussing with you farm,” Mac greeted.

“We’re done for the time being,” Boomer replied, “We needed to get back home.”

“Our Saint Paul homestead suffers from a little neglect,” Teresa added, “Well—actually a lot of neglect.”

“Well,” Mac teased, “What are you doing here?”

“We can always find time for old friends,” Boomer grinned, “And a break from HOME-work!”

“And too, we’re both exhausted,” Teresa added.

“So, you Codgers™ finally re-opened the café—it’s been sorely missed since our Active Rain departure.”

“It was time, as our Lakeview City operation is running smoothly, we could return here,” Medford added.

Meanwhile—things are getting serious back up north in St. Louis County…

Season 17—Adventure 9—VACATIONS—Episode 8—Scene 1… Outside Clem’s Custom Cabins… Donald Samuels, Dandy McLintock, Ed Smithers and A J Hanson arrived at the motel, “I see Kelly’s car.”

Four more of James Braddock’s men arrived at the motel ©J. Boardman“I see Kelly’s car.”

“I see it, Don,” McLintock replied, “We’ll register at the desk—and act like we don’t know those losers Johnson & McCoy.”

“That’s a little harsh—Mr. Braddock likes them.”


“Okay,” Samuels replied, “But they’re Braddock’s losers.”

“Yes, and we’ll work with them—with caution.”

Episode 8—Scene 2… Clem’s Custom Cabins Office… “We have reservations for four, all in one cabin under the name McLintock.”

“Ah—yes,” the desk clerk replied, “It’ll be a tight fit for four.”

The four checked into the motel ©J. Boardman“It’ll be a tight fit for four.”

“We know,” McLintock replied, “Some of us will sleep on the floor, if necessary.”

The fact of the matter is that they had no intention of spending the night. They expected to finish their assignment and be miles away long before nightfall.

They *might* be in for a surprise.

Episode 8—Scene 3… Inside Chris & Wyatt Earp’s Cabin…  Both were awake when Cu-Cu appeared, “Cu-Cu—what brings you here?”

Both were awake when Cu-Cu appeared ©J. Boardman“Cu-Cu—what brings you here?”

“You must gather everyone and head for Danger Bay—NOW!”

“But—I thought we were in the REAL WORLD!”

“This IS your real world,” Cu-Cu replied.

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    and away we go 🙂 WoOT 🙂

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