The sheriffs & marshals began their search

Vacations Banner ©J. Boardman PREVIOUSLY: “Well—it’s about time you got here.”

“It’s good to see you too, Chris.”

“Vacations are supposed to be fun—right?” Joey asked.

“HA!” Big Mac laughed, “You would know.”

Touché,” Joey replied.

“What’s next?” Boomer asked.

“The way I see it,” Merle McIntyre replied, “We stay here for the time being—it IS safe here.”

“Where—here?” Boomer asked.

“Let me show you.”

“Oh—please do, Mac,” Chris said.

“Follow me!”

“This is the lobby,” Mac explained, “You each have personal quarters through the doors.”

“Married couples?” Chris asked.

“They share,” Mac laughed.

Season 17—Adventure 9—VACATIONS—Episode 10—Scene 1… Inside the Posse Safe House Lobby… “Oh good,” Chris replied, “How long will we be sequestered?”

Inside the Posse Safe House Lobby ©J. Boardman“How long will we be sequestered?”

“That all depends on Sheriff Silverthorn and his deputies,” Mac replied, “Silverthorn and his deputies will be covering the entire county, and the Eagle Point Band of Ojibwe marshals will be assisting him.”

“So, this is how we’ll spend the rest of our vacations?” Joey asked, “I could have stayed in South America.”

“Oh please—send him back there,” Debra quipped.

“Really?” Joey asked, “I think my feelings have been hurt.”

“You have feelings?” Debra asked, laughing.

“I’m a man—men aren’t supposed wear their hearts on their sleeves.”


“Of course, I do.”

Episode 10—Scene 2… The Village of Danger Bay… The sheriffs & marshals began their search in Danger Bay—fanning-out to cover the entire Moosehead County.

The sheriffs & marshals began their search in Danger Bay ©J. BoardmanThe sheriffs & marshals began their search in Danger Bay…

More marshals and deputy sheriffs left Moosehead City to assist with the search. Sadly, there were not enough law enforcement folks in the entire county to cover all the highways and back roads.

Sheriff Silverthorn did the best he could—and the searchers were very thorough.

The one place they didn’t drive by was Braddock’s Enterprises.

Too bad—a crack team of wet work experienced men, six in number, had arrived and joined Mr. Braddock.

Episode 10—Scene 3… Inside Braddock Enterprises… Jesus Valdez, Andy McCoy, Don Samuels, Dandy McClintock, Jason Smith, and Dan Michaels arrived, “We’re ready, boss.”

Inside Braddock Enterprises ©J. Boardman“We’re ready, boss.”

“Thank you, Mr. Valdez,” James Braddock replied, “Here’s the plan—fan-out and FIND THE POSSE!

“Where should we look?” Michaels asked.


“We’ll need a place to stay,” Valdez observed, “Recommendations?”

“Yes—as a matter of fact, I do have a recommendation,” he replied, “The Blue Swallow Motel out on County Road 5—I’ll make reservations for you and your team.”

Our story will be Continued…

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4 Responses to The sheriffs & marshals began their search

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    The poor Blue Swallow gets all the bad guys! How many shoot-outs have we had there 🙂

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