“…HIDING from our enemy.”

Vacations Banner ©J. Boardman PREVIOUSLY: More marshals and deputy sheriffs left Moosehead City to assist with the search. Sadly, there were not enough law enforcement folks in the entire county to cover all the highways and back roads.

Sheriff Silverthorn did the best he could—and the searchers were very thorough.

The one place they didn’t drive by was Braddock’s Enterprises.

Too bad—a crack team of wet work experienced men, six in number, had arrived and joined Mr. Braddock.

Jesus Valdez, Andy McCoy, Don Samuels, Dandy McClintock, Jason Smith, and Dan Michaels arrived, “We’re ready, boss.”

“Thank you, Mr. Valdez,” James Braddock replied, “Here’s the plan—fan-out and FIND THE POSSE!”

“Where should we look?” Michaels asked.


“We’ll need a place to stay,” Valdez observed, “Recommendations?”

“Yes—as a matter of fact, I do have a recommendation,” he replied, “The Blue Swallow Motel out on County Road 5—I’ll make reservations for you and your team.”

Season 17—Adventure 9—VACATIONS—Episode 10—Scene 1… Outside the County Road 5 Blue Swallow Motel… Jesus Valdez, Andy McCoy, Donald Samuels, Dandy McClintock & Jason Smith had just checked-in to the motel—when a sheriff’s car passed-by at high-speed.

THAT—was a good thing, as the deputy was looking-for them when he got a call to respond to a serious accident on Scenic Highway 61.

Outside the County Road 5 Blue Swallow Motel ©J. BoardmanTHAT—was a good thing…

But—a bad thing for the good guys.

“Okay, fellows,” Jesus Valdez instructed, “You each fan-out around the county—check all the back roads.”

“Who goes where?” McCoy asked.

“C’mon into my cabin and we’ll set-up a search plan.”

Episode 10—Scene 2… Inside the Posse HQ… Chris Earp had been elected team leader this time around—and she lost no time getting-down to business, “I hate being stuck here, waiting—HIDING from our enemy.”

Hiding from our enemy“…HIDING from our enemy.”

“That’s right,” Debra agreed, “We need to be out there tracking them down.”

“We need a plan—and a good one,” Linda stated, “Before we run-off half-cocked.”

“Exactly,” Mac chimed-in, “Prudence dictates we stay here where they can’t find us—but, I ask you—what damage will they do to the citizens of Moosehead County while we hide here?”

“So—what’s the plan?” Boomer asked, “Just leave here and pretend we’re going-about our business?”

Chris laughed, “We’re notorious gunslingers in the past—those skills carry-over to the 21st Century.”

“Oh-BOY!” Joey exclaimed, “I think I need another vacation.”

That—got everyone laughing.

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Trust Chris to think of a gunfight first 🙂

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