“He’s 400 feet under Lake Superior.”

Revenge Banner ©J. BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Chris and Wyatt Earp just happened to approach the motel from opposite direction—when they got a message from Joey announcing their arrest of Valdez and McCoy.

“Hey look, Chris,” Wyatt radioed, “There’s a bunch of men hanging-out in the parking lot.”

“They must be part of James Braddock’s gang—let’s surprise them with a visit.”

Both drove slowly into the parking lot, and casually walked-up to the men, “Is this a good place to stay?”

“It’s alright,” one of the men replied, “Especially considering their rates they charge.”

“Oh GOOD!” Wyatt replied, “We know an even less-expensive motel you’ll soon experience—the Cross-Bar Motel.”

“Huh,” Jason McLain replied, “Where?”

“The Moosehead County Jail,” Wyatt deadpanned, “You’ll love it!”

“You fellows are now under arrest,” Chris smiled as she drew her .45 automatic, “Don’t even think of reaching for your guns—if you wish to remain alive.”

“CRAP!” McLain said—as he raised his hands.

“I’ll call for the paddy-wagon, Chris.”


Season 17—Adventure 10—REVENGE—Episode 1—Scene 1… William Smith, Janet Smith, & Willie Jones in their new office, “Well—that does it,” William Smith (formerly James J. Braddock) said, “All our people are under arrest—therefore we must start over.”

“Beginning with killing that real estate agent who sold us this building,” Willie Jones (formerly James “Shorty” Smith), added.

“It sure made buying this place easier,” Smith agreed, “Did you reward the agent?”

“He’s 400 feet under Lake Superior.”

William Smith Janet Smith & Willie Jones in their Office ©J. Boardman“He’s 400 feet under Lake Superior.”


“What’s next?” Janet Smith asked.

“Form a new group of operatives,” Smith replied, “We need to go down to the Twin Cities to recruit people.”

“All of us?” Janet asked.

“No darlin’ just you.”


“The ‘Cities are rich in bad actors,” Willie Jones agreed, “Hang-out near dive bars—they’ll come to you.”

Episode 1—Scene 2… Outside Frank’s Bar St. Paul, MN…  Janet Smith waited for the bar to open.

Janet Smith waited for the bar to open ©J. BoardmanJanet Smith waited for the bar to open.

­It opened at 10 am, and soon the early regulars began arriving—and it was indeed, a target-rich environment!

After a while, she went inside and scanned the (a-hem) likely candidates.

One fellow walked over to her and said, “What’s a sweet little thing like…”

He didn’t get to finish his sentence—as he was out cold on the floor.

“Anyone else?”

There were no takers.

“Now—that that’s settled,” she wickedly smiled, “Now—if any of you guys are looking for work and aren’t too fussy about what kind of work—I’ll be outside.”

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Another Bad-Assed women hmmmm

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