“I think you’ll be an asset to us here.”

Revenge Banner ©J. BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Travis Johnson arrived and asked to see the manager.

“The owner is here, covering the manager’s day off, will that do for you sir?”

“Yes, please.”

“How may I help you?” Hiram Silverthorn asked as he walked-up.

“I’m Travis Johnson and I just arrived in town,” he replied, “I’m looking for work and a place to live.”

“Place to live?” Hiram replied, “Try Maude’s rooming house, just north of town. As far as a job, I need a dishwasher at our Lakeview City café and the pay will easily take care of your rent with enough left over for food and most other expenses.”

“That sounds great,” he replied, “How do I get to Lakeview City?”

“Follow Main Street through town and just follow the road and it will take you there.”

“Thank you very much.”

Season 17—Adventure 10—REVENGE—Episode 3—Scene 1… Acme Auto Sales… Eric Wilson and Jerry Red Cloud both applied for work at Acme Auto Sales—unintentionally breaking the rules set-down by William Smith as they had applied separately.

Imagine their surprise when they both showed-up for work.

Imagine their surprise ©J. BoardmanImagine their surprise when they both showed-up for work.

Fortunately—Bill Smith understood what happened and approved their action when they told him, “This shouldn’t cause any problem for us—used car lots churn and burn-through a lot of salespeople.”

That left Willie McGraw, Thomas Red Cloud, and Hal Barber still unemployed.

Episode 3—Scene 2… Outside Joey’s Place Café & Tavern… Willie McGraw met with the manager Blanch Davis, and his prior (to prison) experience in the food-service industry sealed the deal.

As he prepared to leave—Blanch walked-out with him, “I think you’ll be an asset to us here.”

“I think you’ll be an asset.” ©J. Boardman“I think you’ll be an asset to us here.”

“Thank you, Ms Davis.”

“Please—call me Blanch.”

“Yes ma’am,” he cracked-wise, “I’m still in need of housing—that address I gave you is temporary—I need my own place.”

“Ah, my sister has a room for rent at her place—I’ll give you the address.”

An hour later he had a place to live.

The story was the same for every man William Smith hired.

Episode 3—Scene 3… Inside the Posse HQ… Our heroes returned—and reported they’d come-up empty in their combined efforts to find any evidence of a threat to Moosehead County.

“I can’t believe that James Braddock has abandoned his effort to take-over the county.”

“Agreed, Chris,” Big Mac said, “But—I imagine it’s possible I suppose.”

Inside the Posse HQ ©J. Boardman“But—I imagine it’s possible I suppose.”

“Unlikely,” She replied, “But—we’ve found nothing—yet.”

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Someone should slip up soon 🙂

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