“Dammit, Cuzzin—I’m tired of working for peanuts!”

Revenge Banner ©J. BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “How come you get to be boss?”

“Who said I was boss, Linda?”

“You’re driving.”

“Exactly—so you can plan,” Boomer laughed, “Instead of driving.”

“Gotcha, let’s check-out the bar.”

“Do you think we can find a place to park?’

“It may take a while Cuzzin,” Linda laughed.

Travis Johnson scanned the bar—and determined it was a good choice—there were several men who looked to be unemployed.

“Dammit, Clyde, I’m tired of getting rejected every time I apply for a job!”

“Me too Ralph,” Clyde replied, “I’d do almost anything if I just got the chance.”

“I couldn’t help overhearing you fellas,” Travis said, “Perhaps I can help you.”

Season 17—Adventure 10—REVENGE—Episode 5—Scene 1… Inside the Flyspeck Bar… Linda & Boomer walked into the Flyspeck Bar just as Travis was about to leave, “Dammit, Cuzzin—I’m tired of working for peanuts!”

Linda & Boomer inside the Flyspeck Bar ©J. Boardman“Dammit, Cuzzin—I’m tired of working for peanuts!”

“Me too,” Linda replied, “There’s little I wouldn’t do for decent money.”

That was enough for Travis Johnson to hear, “Pardon me, I couldn’t help overhearing you—I might have some work for you.”

“Really?” Boomer asked, “Let’s hear what you got.”

“Are you afraid of getting your hands dirty?” he asked quietly, “Are either of you willing to kill?”

Boomer & Linda drew their Colts in less than an eyeblink, “We’ve done it before, many times.”

WHOA!” Travis exclaimed, “You can holster those cannons—you’re hired.”

“What’s next?” Linda asked.

He handed Linda a map, “Meet me here in twenty minutes.”

Episode 5—Scene 2… Outside Travis Johnson’s Cabin… Johnson was outside the cabin—waiting for Linda and Boomer as they pulled in and parked.

Exactly twenty minutes after they met in Flyspeck.

Our heroes me met Travis at his Cabin ©J. BoardmanExactly twenty minutes after they met in Flyspeck.

Johnson was impressed, “You have timing down pat.”

“In life, and our occupation,” Linda said, “Timing is everything.”

“Our targets are the so-called ‘Posse’ members,” Johnson began, “They’ve interfered with our operations too many times to ignore.”

“I heard they are very dangerous,” Boomer responded, “And seem to appear out of thin air.”

“That is their reputation—on both counts,” He replied, “Sort of like you two did at the bar.”

“HA!” Linda laughed, “We’ve perfected the ‘escape into thin air’ action—and used it more than a few times on the Posse itself.”

“Impressive—if true.”

Johnson barely finished his sentence before our heroes disappeared.

And reappeared on the other side of the yard.

“How did you do that?”

“Magic!” Linda grinned, “Simple magic trickery.”

Our story will be Continued…


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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    LOL very impressive 🙂

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