“It’s an ugly building.”

Revenge Banner ©J. BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Hal Barber watched Chris and Wyatt Earp enter the bar—and he sensed they were two dangerous people.

He was correct.

Barber sidled over…

“By chance—are you looking for work?” He asked.

“Maybe,” Wyatt’s voice—ominous.

Barber felt fear creeping into his consciousness—something that had never happened before.

Chris took a friendlier tac, “We might be—or, we might be looking to hire.”

“Let me get back to you—the penalty for leaving our firm is death.”

“The penalty for refusing an offer from us—is the same,” Wyatt—er—Jerry replied.

Barber was—to say the least—terrified. He’d never come-across two other people quite so intimidating.

Season 17—Adventure 10—REVENGE—Episode 8—Scene 1… Inside the Flyspeck Bar… Barber excused himself, “I need to call someone.”

Inside the Flyspeck Bar with Hal Barber ©J. Boardman“I need to call someone.”

“Your boss—no doubt,” Jerry replied.

“Make it quick,” Chris (aka Ann) threatened, “We’ll be watching.”

Barber called Janet Smith and explained the situation to her, “Good, Hal,” she replied, “I’d like to meet these two—send them to my place.”

A very-relieved Barber replied, “I will, ma’am.”

“Well?” Jerry asked.

“My boss wants to meet you,” he replied, “This has never happened before. Be careful, she’s very dangerous.”

“So are we,” Ann replied.

“I know,” he agreed.

“We’ll need directions,” Jerry said.

Episode 8—Scene 2… Outside the Flyspeck Bar… “We’re in, Mac,” Chris Earp advised.

Chris & Wyatt outside the Flyspeck Bar ©J. Boardman“We’re in, Mac.”

“Good,” He replied, “Be very careful—Janet Smith is nobody’s fool.”

“You know we will.”

“Yes—but I had to say it, anyway—it’s part of my job.”

Soon they were on the road.

“That Jerry is not the brightest man we’ve come-across.”

“You’re right, Chris,” Wyatt agreed, “But I have the feeling that Janet Smith is quite bright.”


Fortunately—they had no problem escaping Flyspeck—and a half-hour later they arrived at Smith’s Headquarters.

Episode 8—Scene 3… Outside Smith Engineering… Chris & Wyatt arrived at Smith Engineering, “It’s an ugly building.”

Chris & Wyatt arrived at Smith Engineering ©J. Boardman“It’s an ugly building.”

“Yes, it is, Chris,” Wyatt replied, “Filled with ugly acting people, I expect.”

“We really have to go inside?”

“Maybe someone will come outside—I suspect they have cameras aimed at us right now.”

“I’m sure,” Chris laughed, “We should wave.”

They waved—laughing.

Nobody came to the door for some time.

Yet—they persisted ringing the doorbell.

STILL nobody opened the door.

“Should I place the time-bomb?”

“That might get their attention,” Wyatt replied, “Then again—maybe not.”

The door opened.

Our story will be Continued…

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2 Responses to “It’s an ugly building.”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Just love Wyatt and his wit! We work well together I do believe 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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