“This is the right place, Jimmy, right?”

Revenge Banner ©J. BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “So, you couldn’t even take a photo,” she sighed, “Okay get here as soon as possible and I’ll see to it you get everything you need. Thanks for calling as soon as you could.”

After she was off the phone she turned to her husband, “See that Randall gets a new car—he’s due a reward, and a promotion.”

“But he failed.”

“Sort of like you—dear?”

Episode 11—Scene 2… The next day in Pine County, Minnesota… Randall McDaniel had purchased a cellphone at the store in Duquette and set-out to find Boomer’s Pine County farm.

It took an hour to find it.

He photographed the farm and sent the photo to Janet Smith, “Wow, I didn’t expect you to photograph the place—good work.”

“Thanks Boss,” he replied, “It was the least I could do—I’m on my way back now.”

Episode 11—Scene 3… Inside Smith Enterprises… “Willie—would you be so kind to take Bill for a ride?”

“Round trip, or one way?”

“One way.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” the soon to be late William Smith screamed.

Season 17—Adventure 10—REVENGE—Episode 11—Scene 1… Outside Boomer’s Pine County Farm… Janet Smith sent four hit-men to Boomer’s Pine County farm—now (apparently) abandoned, “This is the right place, Jimmy, right?”

Hit men found the farm abandoned & For Sale ©J. Boardman“This is the right place, Jimmy, right?”

“According to Janet Smith it is,” Jimmy replied, “It has a ‘for sale’ sign in front of it, now.”

“I hate to have to call her,” Clyde said, “But I must.”

Clyde made the call he was dreading, “Yes Ma’am, it’s got a ‘for sale’ sign in front of it.”

(Somewhere—off stage right, Cu-Cu smiled her crooked smile, GENTLE READER™)

Episode 11—Scene 2… Outside Boomer’s Pine County Farm… “Well, this has been fun—thanks everyone for joining us here.”

Outside Boomer’s Pine County Farm ©J. Boardman“Well, this has been fun—thanks everyone for joining us here.”

“The fishing in that creek out back was worth the trip, Boomer,” Joey said, “Too bad you claim not to like fish.”

“Except baked beer-battered pollock,” Boomer replied, “You are correct, sir.”

“You mean to tell me that if I’d conjured-up a beer batter you’d have eaten that?”

“Not if there was steak—and there was steak!”

“Okay, then,” Joey replied, “How was the steak?”


“That’s better than a sharp stone in the back.”

“Hey! That’s my line!”

“Oh-LOOK!” Linda quipped, “We have our very-own ‘Bickersons’ here!”

Episode 11—Scene 2… Inside Silverthorn Café Downtown Danger Bay… It was quiet in the café—the lunch rush was over when the two strangers walked-in.

“Good afternoon gentlemen,” Kiwi Silverthorn greeted, “Coffee?”

Inside Silverthorn Café Downtown Danger Bay ©J. Boardman“Coffee?”

“Yes, please—black,” the man wearing the Stetson said.

“Me too, but with cream, please,” the other man said.

As Kiwi prepared their orders, Hiram engaged them, “You fellows are new in town, what brings you to Danger Bay?”

“We’re in the insurance business,” Stetson replied, “We specialize in business insurance.”

“Interesting,” Hiram replied as Kiwi brought them their coffee, “We’re well-insured.”

“Everyone we meet believes that,” Stetson replied, “But we generally are able to convince them otherwise.”

Hiram’s internal radar informed him that these fellows might just be setting them up.

He was correct.

Our story will be Continued…

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4 Responses to “This is the right place, Jimmy, right?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Way to go Cujo!!! You protected us well!! Hmmm, have not had a business scam before. Interesting! Those always include massive violence and of course we would not let that happen to Hiram or Kiwi!

    Liked by 1 person

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