“Yes—REALLY Chris!”

Manhunt Banner ©J. BoardmanPreviously: “I just heard from Cu-Cu.”

“Yes, Merle,” Linda replied, “And?”

“I was just getting to that,” Merle, “And taking a breath.”

“Oops—sorry,” Linda laughed, “But it was a long breath.”

“May I get to Cu-Cu’s message now?”

“Yes SIR!”

“Somehow—and Cu-Cu isn’t sure how—they’ve time-travelled to 1879 Deadwood,” he explained, “And Juco somehow managed to keep her from knowing that until this morning.”

“YIKES!” Chris exclaimed, “That puts us at a big disadvantage.”

“It does, Chris,” Merle replied, adding, “You’ll be the boss this time.”


Season 17—Adventure 11—MANHUNT—Episode 1… Scene 1… Inside the Posse HQ… “Yes—REALLY Chris!”

Inside the Posse HQ ©J. Boardman“Yes—REALLY Chris!”


“This is no time to keep your sidearms holstered,” Merle continued, “And Hickok won’t be there to help you—he’s already been murdered.”

“But our Hickok is not that Hickok,” Wyatt correctly observed.

“Seeing him alive in Deadwood in 1879?”

“Good point, Merle,” Wyatt replied, “That would be too much for Deadwood.”

“You have to admit,” Joey cracked-wise, “It would be fun to see the reaction of the locals.”

“Oh NOOOOO! He’s risen from the dead—we must worship him!” Boomer added.

“You two—honestly,” Linda sighed.

“And we’re fresh-out of silver bullets,” Debra added.

“Enough already,” Merle laughed, “Make all your preparations, folks, you’ll depart tomorrow.”

Episode 1… Scene 2… Deadwood, 1879… They rode into Deadwood past the hotel where their foes were standing, and on to the stable.

Fortunately—neither Willie Jones or Janet Smith recognized them.

The Posse arrived in Deadwood ©J. BoardmanFortunately—neither Willie Jones or Janet Smith recognized them.

Chris, however, recognized them both—but showed no sign that she did.

“Our friends Willie and Janet are here in town,” Chris observed, “I think Linda, Debra, Wyatt and I should visit the saloon, while the rest of us hang-out around the stable.”

“I’m a little concerned that we arrived together,” Linda sounding worried, said, “I hope they didn’t recognize us.”

“We’ll know soon enough if they have,” Chris replied.

“That much is certain,” Linda said.

Episode 1… Scene 3… Inside Nuttal & Mann’s Saloon… Linda, Wyatt, Chris and Debra arrived—leaving the boys bed-down the horses at the stable.

As they passed the hotel, they didn’t see Jones and Smith.

They hoped they’d be inside the saloon.

Inside Nuttal & Mann’s Saloon ©J. BoardmanThey hoped they’d be inside the saloon.

They weren’t.

They were someplace else.

“Where?” you ask, GENTLE READER™, Tune-in next time!

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I just knew this was not going to be easy 😦

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