“Welcome, gentlemen.”

Manhunt Banner ©J. BoardmanPreviously: Chris, however, recognized them both—but showed no sign that she did.

“Our friends Willie and Janet are here in town,” Chris observed, “I think Linda, Debra, Wyatt and I should visit the saloon, while the rest of us hang-out around the stable.”

“I’m a little concerned that we arrived together,” Linda sounding worried, said, “I hope they didn’t recognize us.”

“We’ll know soon enough if they have,” Chris replied.

“That much is certain,” Linda said.

Episode 1… Scene 3… Inside Nuttal & Mann’s Saloon… Linda, Wyatt, Chris and Debra arrived—leaving the boys bed-down the horses at the stable.

As they passed the hotel, they didn’t see Jones and Smith.

They hoped they’d be inside the saloon.

They weren’t.

They were someplace else.

“Where?” you ask, GENTLE READER™, Tune-in next time!

Season 17—Adventure 11—MANHUNT—Episode 2… Scene 1… Somewhere outside Deadwood… “Welcome, gentlemen.”

Somewhere outside Deadwood ©J. Boardman“Welcome, gentlemen.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Smith,” Thomas Running-Deer said, “Let’s talk money.”

“Does an equal split of all profits sound fair?” She replied, “Because that’s what Mr. Jones and I are offering.”

“I think we can agree to that,” John Kramer smiled, “Speaking only for my brother and I, that is.”

“What are your plans, Mrs. Smith” Jimmy Kirk asked.

“First—we successfully take control of Deadwood,” she replied, “Without bloodshed.”

“Starting where?”

“Nuttal and James Saloon,” she replied, “It’s for sale—and they’ve already accepted our offer.”

“And we expect you fellows to keep our customers happy—and poorer for their experience,” Willie Jones added.

“Fleece our customers gently—making them willing to come back,” Kirk smiled, “That sounds good to me.”

Episode 2… Scene 2… Meanwhile… Inside the Nuttal & Mann’s Saloon… Chris led the Posse into the saloon—just to let it be known they were in town.

Unfortunately—they were the only customers.

Meanwhile—Inside Nuttal & Mann’s Saloon ©J. BoardmanUnfortunately—they were the only customers.

Then again—the barkeep was there—so the word would get-out.

But, even the barkeep didn’t know the saloon was being sold.

“Do you have ale on-tap?” Boomer asked the barkeep.

“Och, Aye sairrr, we hae ale,” he replied, mimicking his father’s speech, “Coming right up.”

The rest of the Posse asked for—and received their respective drinks.

“What’s next, Boss?” AJ asked Chris.

“I believe we need to make our presence known around town,” Chris replied, “And see what that does.”

“That’ll be right up our alley,” Joey quipped, “We know how.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” Chris laughed.

Perhaps she SHOULD be afraid…

Our story will be Continued…

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