“We should be safe here.”

Manhunt Banner ©J. BoardmanPreviously: “Are you sure?” Smith asked.

“You DOUBT my word?” Juco thundered.

“No, we don’t,” Willie Jones replied, “We’ll hunt them down and kill them.”

“You’d better be successful, or I will let them catch and kill you!”

The Posse became aware they were being followed, “Isn’t this interesting?”

“Isn’t what interesting, Linda,” Chris asked.

“We’re are being followed,” she replied, “I couldn’t help but notice that they slowed their pace when they when they were as close as they are now.”

“Our sentient horses are much faster than theirs,” Boomer said.

“Yes, we are,” Boomer’s horse, Pal agreed, “Just give us the word.”

“The word is given, Pal, Tulip, Spot, Trigger and Blackjack,” Chris Earp agreed, “Run like the wind!”

And they did just that!

Season 17—Adventure 11—MANHUNT—Episode 5… Scene 1… On the road outside Deadwood… The Posse’s Sentient horses lost their pursuers.

The Posse escaped their pursuers ©J. BoardmanThe Posse’s Sentient horses lost their pursuers.

“That was easy,” Pal whinnied.

Tulip, Spot, Trigger, Blackjack, Wolf, Scout, Ajax, whinnied in agreement.

“Don’t get too sanguine, worthy steeds,” Wyatt laughed, “We have many miles yet to travel.”

“We’re good,” Wyatt’s Spot whinnied, “We’ll keep our eyes open for suitable hideout.”

They rode on, and on, and on—it seemed like for miles and miles—before Scout exclaimed, “This way!”

The road he followed climbed steeply up into the Black Hills until finally leveling-off, “Just a few more miles—I can sense it.”

“I hope you’re right, Scout,” Wyatt said, “You’re a good ride my friend, but—there’s a limit.”

Episode 5… Scene 2… The horses found new cabin hideout… “This will take some work.”

Posse hideout found high in the Black Hills ©J. Boardman“This will take some work.”

“What was your first clue, Joey?” Boomer asked.

“I’m not sure,” He replied, “Maybe the fact that the cabin is kind of small—and it’s likely we’ll be camped-out in the hayloft.”

“Perfect,” Linda rejoined, “Hayseeds in the hayloft!”

“Agreed,” Debra piled-on, “They’ll fit right in.”

“Okay, folks,” Chris laughed, “Time to quit bickering and get to work.”

The cabin was in pretty good shape but appeared to have been hastily abandoned—there were personal belongings scattered about the property.

Hours later—they had the place cleaned up—at least enough to call it a day.

The guys found sleeping-space in the haymow and the women in the cabin—it beat sleeping outside.

Episode 5… Scene 3… The Smith-Jones Gang were 5 miles away—on the same road…  “Well, folks—this is our new home,” Janet Smith announced, “We should be safe here.”

Smith & Jones new hideout high in the Black Hills ©J. Boardman“We should be safe here.”

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Our horses are awesome!!


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