“Any idea where?”

Manhunt Banner ©J. BoardmanPreviously: “What was your first clue, Joey?” Boomer asked.

“I’m not sure,” He replied, “Maybe the fact that the cabin is kind of small—and it’s likely we’ll be camped-out in the hayloft.”

“Perfect,” Linda rejoined, “Hayseeds in the hayloft!”

“Agreed,” Debra piled-on, “They’ll fit right in.”

“Okay, folks,” Chris laughed, “Time to quit bickering and get to work.”

The cabin was in pretty good shape but appeared to have been hastily abandoned—there were personal belongings scattered about the property.

Hours later—they had the place cleaned up—at least enough to call it a day.

The guys found sleeping-space in the haymow and the women in the cabin—it beat sleeping outside.

Episode 5… Scene 3… The Smith-Jones Gang were 5 miles away—on the same road…

“Well, folks—this is our new home,” Janet Smith announced, “We should be safe here.”

Season 17—Adventure 11—MANHUNT—Episode 6… Scene 1… Outside the Smith-Jones Cabin… “Is there enough room for all of us, Boss?” James Kramer asked.

“For now,” She replied, “We can get tents, if we need them.”

Willie Jones added, “For the time-being, there is the hayloft.”

“Well, folks—this is our new home” ©J. Boardman“For the time-being, there is the hayloft.”

“HA!” Kramer laughed, “Better than a bedroll on the ground.”

“Make yourselves comfortable, gents—we’ve earned a rest,” Janet Smith said, “You’ve earned it.”

For someone so willing to kill if crossed, THAT was an amazing comment by Janet Smith.

“Thanks Boss,” John Kramer replied, “And my rear end thanks you as well.”

The gang-members all left to stake out their places in the hayloft, with instructions to meet inside the cabin in a half-hour.

Episode 6… Scene 2… A half-hour later inside the Smith-Jones Cabin… “Gentlemen,” Willie Jones said, “We’d like you to fan-out and search the area—Juco has informed us he thinks the Posse is somewhere nearby.”

“Any idea where?”

Smith & Company inside their Cabin ©J. Boardman“Any idea where?”

“No,” He replied, “But—he is certain they’re nearby—perhaps somewhere on the lower trail.”

“Also, gents,” Smith added, “We’re expecting more men to show-up—keep your eyes open for them, as well.”

Episode 6… Scene 3… James Kirk and friends rode the High Road…

James Kirk and friends rode the High Road ©J. BoardmanJames Kirk and friends rode the High Road…

“We’ve been riding this road for hours—there’s nobody here.”

“We must keep riding Jimmy,” Thomas Running-Deer replied, “Mrs. Smith will not be pleased if we quit before we find someone—or something.”

“Yeah—yeah, I know, Tommy.”

“Shush—you guys,” Thomas Running-Deer commanded, “I hear riders around the bend.”

Thomas just may be surprised, GENTLE READER™ , WHO those riders are…

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Does Karma have her own helpers now? 🦅

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