“Welcome gentlemen!”

Manhunt Banner ©J. BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “I’m Captain Thad Lincoln of the Tenth Cavalry Regiment Militia, and I understand there’s some reserve troopers here,” he was looking directly at Mac, Joey, Boomer, and AJ as he spoke, “You’re all now part of my Militia.”

“Okay, you can do that,” Militia Captain Boomer replied, “Your date of rank?”

“January 25, 1874,” Lincoln replied, “And yours?”

“June 1, 1873,” Boomer replied, “You can wire Fort Leavenworth to confirm that—but, it appears you are second in command of my militia.”

(I’m pretty-sure, GENTLE READER™, he wasn’t expecting that!)

“As soon as I can find a telegraph office, I will check.”

“There’s one in Deadwood,” Mac grinned, “Let’s ride.”

“Does this mean we don’t have to sleep in tipis?” Joey asked.

Season 17—Adventure 11—MANHUNT—Episode 9… Scene 1… Posse HQ… Captain Boomer turned command over to Lincoln.

Captain Boomer turned command over to Lincoln ©J. BoardmanCaptain Boomer turned command over to Lincoln.

“After consulting with my Militia comrades—and with Fort Leavenworth, I have decided to cede command to you, Captain Lincoln—with the understanding that we will, if we determine it to be necessary, operate independently.”

“Thank you, Captain,” Lincoln replied, “May I ask, sir, do you have any suggestions?”

“Just one, Thaddeus,” He replied, “Think like a Native—in fact I know several you should add to your contingent.”


“Indeed—nobody knows Dakota Territory like the Dakota-Sioux!”

Episode 9… Scene 2…On the High Road… With the Militia members of the Posse gone on their own assignment, Chris Earp made the necessary changes to their operation, “We gain one to our number—lose four, we’ll make-do.”

On the High Road ©J. Boardman“We gain one to our number—lose four, we’ll make-do.”

“Yeah,” Debra cracked wise, “All they did was complain.”

“So true,” Linda added.

“I, for one, will miss Joey’s cooking,” Wyatt Earp added.

“Ralph is a fine cook,” Linda replied, “We might just not miss Joey.”

“I wonder what our friends are having to eat tonight?” Debra asked.

“Hardtack,” Linda replied, “Prepared by Joey.”

“Yuck!” Debra rejoined, “Not even Joey could make that appealing.”

Episode 9… Scene 3… Inside the Smith-Jones Cabin… “Welcome gentlemen!” Janet Smith exclaimed, “We’ve been looking forward to your arrival.”

Inside the Smith-Jones Cabin ©J. Boardman“Welcome gentlemen!”

Travis Johnson, Willie McGraw, Hal Barber, Eric Wilson, and Fred Thompson—all tipped their respective hats—Johnson was the first to speak, “Thank you, Ma’am, we’re looking forward to learn more about your operation.”

“You all have reservations at the hotel in Deadwood,” Willie Jones said, “Once you get settled-in—take some time exploring Deadwood—and then acquaint yourselves with our Nuttal & Mann’s Saloon.”

“As I understand it,” Hal Barber said, “We’ll be working there as bouncers.”

“Yes—and gamblers,” Smith replied, “In fact mostly as gamblers who beat the odds and win some decent money.”

“But—we don’t keep our winnings.”


Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Now, what Gambler would put up with that for very long? 💰 and I reckon this might become a bone of contention 🍗

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