“Greetings Captain Lincoln…”

Fort Dakota Banner ©J. BoardmanPreviously: Captain Boomer & Company were riding not far away from where Red Eagle destroyed the small wagon train.

“Everything looks normal here.”

“It does, Boomer,” Mac replied, “I think we need to check the lower road.”

“Perhaps we should split-up, Mac,” Boomer replied, “Joey and I will start at the Deadwood end of the road.”

“And the rest of us will start at Fort Dakota,” Mac replied, “And ride towards Deadwood.”

“Wagons ahead!” Joey exclaimed.

“Crap!” Boomer exclaimed, “They’re dead.”

Joey dismounted and checked the bodies, “They’re still warm—let’s ride!”

Season 17—Adventure 12—Fort Dakota—Episode 8… Scene 1… in the Ghost Town… Boomer & Joey found two more victims in the Ghost Town, “Aw CRAP!”

Boomer & Joey found two more victims in the ghost town ©J. Boardman“Aw CRAP!”

“Don’t hold-back, Boomer,” Joey quipped, “Tell me what you really think!”

“That about sums it up,” he replied, “This has got to stop!”

“Agreed,” Joey replied, “Not to repeat myself—let’s ride!”

Episode 8… Scene 2… Outside Fort Dakota… [Previously: “We have word that a number of Sioux operating on the Wyoming side of the Black Hills—and their heading this way,” he replied, “You are tasked with finding them—before they get here.”

“Oh,” Chris replied, “I was afraid you’d assign us a difficult job.”]

As it happened—Mac and company arrived at the same time as the Posse.

Mac and company arrived at the same time as the Posse ©J. BoardmanMac and company arrived at the same time as the Posse.

“So,” Wyatt asked as they met, “How do we get them to open the gates?”

“Knock on the door?” Linda cracked-wise.

Big Mac had another idea, “Hey you—OPEN THE GATE OR WE’LL BRING UP THE ARTILLERY!

The guards had experienced Big Mac’s anger in the past—the gate opened.

Episode 8… Scene 3… Inside Fort Dakota… “Greetings Captain Lincoln,” Chris Earp wickedly smiled, “How do you feel about your next assignment being Fort Leavenworth’s prison?”

Captain Stanley Lincoln surrendered ©J. Boardman“Greetings Captain Lincoln…”

“You haven’t that much influence,” Lincoln weakly replied—he knew he was finished.

“You know better,” Wyatt rejoined, “You’ll not see daylight for a very long time.”

“If at all,” Ralph Halvorson added.

“With some luck, the Adventure Train will be waiting for us in Deadwood,” Mac said, “We should get on the march.”

“Agreed,” Wyatt replied.

(Except—Mac, Wyatt and Chris Earp missed the train—Cu-Cu reassigned them, GENTLE READER™ )

Episode 8… Scene 4… Flyspeck, Dakota Territory… Boomer, Big Mac, Wyatt & Chris rode into Flyspeck.

Boomer, Big Mac, Wyatt & Chris rode into Flyspeck ©J. BoardmanBoomer, Big Mac, Wyatt & Chris rode into Flyspeck.

They weren’t the only strangers in town.

Our heroes were on guard—that many armed-riders usually spelt trouble, “My lawman experience mental-light is signaling ‘trouble’ right now.”

“Mine as well, Wyatt,” Big Mac agreed.

Our story will be Continued…

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2 Responses to “Greetings Captain Lincoln…”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    It is a good thing we are used to this time-travel at the drop of a hat otherwise we might have travel sickness 🙂

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