“What are we doing here?”

Fort Dakota Banner ©J. BoardmanPreviously: “Greetings Captain Lincoln,” Chris Earp wickedly smiled, “How do you feel about your next assignment being Fort Leavenworth’s prison?”

 “You haven’t that much influence,” Lincoln weakly replied—he knew he was finished. 

“You know better,” Wyatt rejoined, “You’ll not see daylight for a very long time.”

“If at all,” Ralph Halvorson added.

“With some luck, the Adventure Train will be waiting for us in Deadwood,” Mac said, “We should get on the march.”

“Agreed,” Wyatt replied.

(Except—Mac, Wyatt and Chris Earp missed the train—Cu-Cu reassigned them, GENTLE READER™ )

Boomer, Big Mac, Wyatt & Chris rode into Flyspeck.

They weren’t the only strangers in town.

Our heroes were on guard—that many armed-riders usually spelt trouble, “My lawman experience mental-light is signaling ‘trouble’ right now.”

“Mine as well, Wyatt,” Big Mac agreed.

Season 17—Adventure 12—Fort Dakota—Episode 9… Scene 1… Inside the Flyspeck Saloon… “Well—there’s a party going-on in here!”

Inside the Flyspeck Saloon ©J. Boardman“Well—there’s a party going-on in here!”

“It certainly looks that way, Darlin’,” Wyatt Earp replied to Chris Earp, “Mind if we join you folks?”

“Not at all,” a man wearing a top-hat replied, “We’re celebrating our new mayor, Allen Simpson.”

“Yup,” the man to top-hat’s left added, “He done cleaned-out the scum in our city council.”

“Would that be Allen Stanley Simpson?” Big Mac rumbled, “We’re old friends of his.”

“Yes, we are,” Captain Boomer added, “Why I remember the time, back in Danger Bay…”

“Pardon me, Captain, sir,” Big Mac interrupted, “These folks aren’t interested in the old days.”

“I’m sure you’re right, Sar-Major,” Boomer replied with a slightly wicked grin, “I’m sure you’re right.”

Episode 9… Scene 2… 21st Century Port of Danger Bay… Posse Headquarters… Joey Jerkovich, Debra Wennen-Miller, Linda Bryant & Ralph Halvorson, AJ Boardman, and Melissa McLeod found themselves standing outside the Posse Headquarters™… “

“Wait—WHAT?” Debra asked, “What are we doing here?”

They found themselves at the 21st Century Posse HQ ©J. Boardman“What are we doing here?”

“I was riding with Boomer,” Joey said, “Then I find myself here.”

“How come I didn’t get to go?” Melissa McLeod asked.

“Boomer probably hasn’t made a 19th Century you, yet,” Joey replied.

A familiar disembodied voice chimed-in, “Too many people to write about.”

“CU-CU!” Debra exclaimed.

Cu-Cu appeared at the 21st Century Posse HQ ©J. Boardman“CU-CU!”

“You win, Debra,” Cu-Cu replied, “Currently, there are too many people to portray in enough depth for him to write about—the next Adventure will be carried by the others.”

“Whew!” Joey said for everyone.

This ends another RIVETING ADVENTURE—But our story? Will Be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    And on we go 🙂

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