Allen Stanley Simpson

Simpson Banner ©J. BoardmanPreviously: Joey Jerkovich, Debra Wennen-Miller, Linda Bryant & Ralph Halvorson, AJ Boardman, and Melissa McLeod found themselves standing outside the Posse Headquarters™.

“Wait—WHAT?” Debra asked, “What are we doing here?”

 “I was riding with Boomer,” Joey said, “Then I find myself here.”

“How come I didn’t get to go?” Melissa McLeod asked.

“Boomer probably hasn’t made a 19th Century you, yet,” Joey replied.

A familiar disembodied voice chimed-in, “Too many people to write about.”

“CU-CU!” Debra exclaimed.

“You win, Debra,” Cu-Cu replied, “Currently, there are too many people to portray in enough depth for him to write about—the next Adventure will be carried by the others.”

“Whew!” Joey said for everyone.

Season 17—Adventure 13—SIMPSON—Episode 1… Scene 1… Inside Silverthorn’s General Store… “What’s for breakfast?”

Inside Silverthorn’s General Store ©J. Boardman“What’s for breakfast?”

“Eggs, bacon, & fried potatoes, Boomer,” Abedabun Silverthorn replied, “Or nothing.”

“Hmmm… ‘nothing,’ or eggs, bacon, & fried potatoes,” Boomer laughed, “I’ll go for the latter.”

The rest of the Posse wisely ordered eggs, bacon, & fried potatoes, as well.

“It would appear, Boomer,” Mac rumbled, “You did upgrade this place.”

“Yup,” Boomer replied, “With that rug.”

When their breakfasts were served, Mac asked, “Have you seen Allen Simpson in town?”

“He and three other men were here a week ago,” She replied, “That was the only time I’ve seen him—is he in trouble?”

“Not yet,” Mac replied, “But he caused plenty in Deadwood.”

“Do you have any idea where he is?” Chris asked.

“He said he bought a cabin in the area,” she replied, “But didn’t say where.”

Episode 2… Scene 2… Outside Simpson’s Cabin… Simpson & Wild Bill Peterson, Jimmy Smith, Tim Conway, and James “Lefty” Johnson, arrived at his cabin, high above Lake Superior.

“This will be your new home.”

Simpson & Company arrived at his cabin ©J. Boardman“This will be your new home.”

“Wow, Boss,” Jimmy Smith said, “Ain’t nobody gonna find this place!”

“You’d better hope so, Jimmy,” Simpson replied, “You fellas can stable your horses in the stable out back.”

“Is there room for us in the cabin?” Bill Peterson asked.

“No—you’ll live in the tents across the road,” He replied, “Let’s stable our horses and head inside.”

Episode 2… Scene 3… Inside Simpson’s Cabin… “As you can see, there is no room here for you—it’s a small cabin,” Simpson explained, “This is my home and our headquarters.”

“What are your plans?”

Simpson met with his gang ©J. Boardman“What are your plans?”

“First—not to get caught breaking the law until we’re ready,” He replied, “We’ll go out and be friendly with all we meet.”

“That shouldn’t be difficult,” Tim Conway replied, “We’re all friendly men.”

The others agreed—Simpson had picked these men well.

Our story will be Continued…

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