Simpson arrived in Forest City

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Previously: “We really don’t want trouble,” Wyatt Earp IV said, “I’m Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp, and I prefer avoiding gunfights.”

THAT—impressed them enough for them to back-down and get friendly.

They would, however, report the encounter to Simpson.

Episode 3… Scene 3… A week later at Simpson’s Cabin Floyd Cartier, Laurence Herbert, Thomas Meek, Mark Peterson, & Timothy McMahon were brought to Simpson’s cabin by Conway and Simpson’s other men.

Simpson interviewed each man.

He was surprised by the quality of each—testament to Conway’s insistence on personally approving of each man, “Perhaps Mr. Conway has earned the job of foreman of the gang.”

Season 17—Adventure 13—SIMPSON—Episode 4… Scene 1… Forest City… Simpson and company arrived in town.

Simpson & Co arrived in townSimpson and company arrived in town.

“This will be our home for the next several weeks as we take-over Forest City.”

“How do you plan on doing this?” James “Lefty” Johnson asked.

“First—we stay out of trouble,” Simpson replied.

What Simpson didn’t notice as the went into the hotel to check-in—was the arrival of four very-dangerous people.

Episode 4… Scene 2… Forest City… Boomer & Company arrived minutes after Simpson arrived in town.

Boomer & Company arrived in townBoomer & Company arrived minutes after Simpson arrived in town.

They weren’t seen by any of the Simpson gang—but they would check-in to the same hotel, “We should wait until they’ve checked-in,” Chris Earp observed.

“We can visit the general store.”

“Let’s do that, Wyatt,” Boomer agreed.

Episode 4… Scene 3… Forest City Rooms… Simpson met with his top lieutenants, Tim Conway & Floyd Cartier.

Simpson met with his top lieutenants ©J. BoardmanSimpson met with his top lieutenants

“Gentlemen,” Simpson instructed, “You are to mix with the town’s people and make friends if you can.”

“How about the marshal?”

“I’ll meet with him, Floyd,” Simpson replied, “And convince him he needs more deputies.”

“Do you think he’ll agree?”

“Oh yes,” Simpson replied, “I have some people about to go on a rampage nearby.”


“You don’t need to know that,” Simpson replied, “And you’ll not share that with anyone—disobedience equals death.”

Episode 4… Scene 3… Forest City Rooms… Boomer called a meeting in his hotel room, “I have news, Boomer.”

Our Heroes met in Boomer’s room ©J. Boardman“I have news, Boomer.”

“Please share, Chris,” Captain Boomer replied, “Enlighten us.”

“Simpson and his men are all on the second floor—we’re two floors above them,” She replied, “So it’s unlikely they’ll see us by accident.”

“And too,” Wyatt added, “There’s a back-service stairwell we can use—I saw a maid use it.”

“So, we can come & go as we please,” Boomer replied, “Excellent!”

Our story will be Continued…

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2 Responses to Simpson arrived in Forest City

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Hmmmm seems like dejuvu and we already read this one or am I psychic?


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