“How about a saloon?”

Previously: “Gentlemen,” Simpson instructed, “You are to mix with the town’s people and make friends if you can.”

“How about the marshal?”

“I’ll meet with him, Floyd,” Simpson replied, “And convince him he needs more deputies.”

“Do you think he’ll agree?”

“Oh yes,” Simpson replied, “I have some people about to go on a rampage nearby.”


“You don’t need to know that,” Simpson replied, “And you’ll not share that with anyone—disobedience equals death.”

Episode 4… Scene 3… Forest City Rooms… Boomer called a meeting in his hotel room, “I have news, Boomer.”

“Please share, Chris,” Captain Boomer replied, “Enlighten us.”

“Simpson and his men are all on the second floor—we’re two floors above them,” She replied, “So it’s unlikely they’ll see us by accident.”

“And too,” Wyatt added, “There’s a back-service stairwell we can use—I saw a maid use it.”

“So, we can come & go as we please,” Boomer replied, “Excellent!”

Season 17—Adventure 13—SIMPSON—Episode 5… Scene 1… Inside Simpson’s Apartment…

“Gentlemen—we must find a way to earn some money—legally.”

“Really, boss,” Jimmy Smith replied, “How about a saloon?”

Simpson met with his top lieutenants ©J. Boardman“How about a saloon?”

“With honest poker games,” James “Lefty” Johnson added.

“Good idea,” Simpson replied, “Where?”

“I was at the Big Bay Saloon a few days ago,” Jimmy Smith replied, “The owner told me he was ready to retire, and he wanted to sell-out.”

“Okay, Jimmy,” Simpson replied, “Let’s ride out there and take a look.”

Episode 5… Scene 2… Outside the Big Bay Saloon… It took them several hours to get to the location of the saloon (because, GENTLE READER™, it was some twenty miles away).

“You didn’t tell me it was this far away.”

“I’m sorry, Boss,” Johnson replied, “It really didn’t seem that far.”

“This may be a good thing for us—if there are personal quarters in the building.”

2 hours later, they arrived at the saloon.

Simpson arrived at the Saloon ©J. Boardman2 hours later, they arrived at the saloon.

“What a beautiful location,” Simpson said, “Perhaps too beautiful.”

“Let’s go inside,” Johnson replied, “And speak to Mr. Williams.”

Episode 5… Scene 3… Inside the Big Bay Saloon… “Hello again, Mr. Williams,” Johnson greeted as they entered.

“Johnson, is it?” Williams replied, “Ah, yes, I remember you said something about someone who might be interested in purchasing this place.”

“That would be me,” Simpson replied.

Simpson and Jimmy Smith inside Big Bay Saloon Back Room ©J. Boardman“That would be me,” Simpson replied.

“Very-well, I’ll have my partner Melissa Applegate show you around.

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Hmmmm this could get interesting 🙂

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