“I’m avoiding the smile.”

Previously: Simpson and Jimmy Smith remained inside Big Bay Saloon Back Room… “What’s next, Boss?”

“You ride into town and send a telegram to the rest of our bunch—tell them to meet us here.”

“Would now be the time to get more people?”

“Not just yet,” Simpson replied, “But it may be time to lose a few.”

Episode 6… Scene 3… Previously: Forest City Rooms… Boomer & Company… “Please share, Chris,” Captain Boomer replied, “Enlighten us.”

“Simpson and his men are all on the second floor—we’re two floors above them,” She replied, “So it’s unlikely they’ll see us by accident.”

“And too,” Wyatt added, “There’s a back-service stairwell we can use—I saw a maid use it.”

“So, we can come & go as we please,” Boomer replied, “Excellent!”

 It wasn’t long before our heroes discovered that Simpson had left town—but to where?

“Perhaps it’s time to hit the road,” Chris suggested, “But—to where?”

“Back to Danger Bay?” Debra asked, “After all Forest City offers little in the way of hiding places—maybe they’re hiding in plain sight.”

“Let’s ride!” Chris exclaimed.

Soon the Posse was on the road to Danger Bay.

Season 17—Adventure 13—SIMPSON—Episode 7… Scene 1… On the Road to Danger Bay…  After some hours of eating dust Lt. Jerkovich quipped, “Isn’t this fun!”

Taking the bait, Captain Boomer replied, “Gritty smile, Joey?”

“I’m avoiding the smile.”

“Aw—come-on you two—enough already!” Debra exclaimed.

Sergeant-Major Mac chimed-in, laughing, “Talking equals gritty teeth—knock it off!”

The conversations trailed-off as the miles travelled increased.

Several hours later they arrived in Danger Bay and stopped at Silverthorn’s General Store, “Cold drinks?”

“Yes, please,” Chris Earp replied, “Whatever is handy.”

“Ale for me, please,” Boomer and Mac said almost in unison.

After all Posse-members ordered their respective thirst-quenchers, the day’s dinners—roast beef—was served, “Any word around town about Allen Simpson?”

“I’ve heard rumors, Linda,” Abedabun Silverthorn replied, “There’s a saloon that was for sale overlooking the bay that I heard was sold to someone—that could have been to Simpson.”

“Let’s go storm the saloon!” Chris exclaimed—laughing.

“We could,” Joey quipped, “But that might end this chapter too soon.”

“Oh—we simply couldn’t let that happen,” Linda added, “This isn’t a short story.”

“Do you always banter like this?” Ralph Halvorson asked—knowing the answer, quipped.

AJ Boardman just grinned through his spectacular beard.

Episode 7… Scene 2… Inside Big Bay Saloon Back Room… “Let’s go into Danger Bay and get us some business,” Tim Conway suggested.

“Do it,” Big A replied.

Our story will be Continued…

About Jack Boardman

Just a little bit of a Curmudgeon.
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3 Responses to “I’m avoiding the smile.”

  1. Linda says:

    Enlighteningif somewhat gritty.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    LOL 🙂 We are quite humorous with our banter 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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