Mac smiled—widely.

PREVIOUSLY: Several hours later they arrived in Danger Bay and stopped at Silverthorn’s General Store, “Cold drinks?”

“Yes, please,” Chris Earp replied, “Whatever is handy.”

“Ale for me, please,” Boomer and Mac said almost in unison.

After all Posse-members ordered their respective thirst-quenchers, the day’s dinners—roast beef—was served, “Any word around town about Allen Simpson?”

“I’ve heard rumors, Linda,” Abedabun Silverthorn replied, “There’s a saloon that was for sale overlooking the bay that I heard was sold to someone—that could have been to Simpson.”

“Let’s go storm the saloon!” Chris exclaimed—laughing.

“We could,” Joey quipped, “But that might end this chapter too soon.”

“Oh—we simply couldn’t let that happen,” Linda added, “This isn’t a short story.”

“Do you always banter like this?” Ralph Halvorson asked—knowing the answer, quipped.

AJ Boardman just grinned through his spectacular beard.

Episode 7… Scene 2… Inside Big Bay Saloon Back Room… “Let’s go into Danger Bay and get us some business,” Tim Conway suggested.

“Do it,” Big A replied.

Season 17—Adventure 13—SIMPSON—Episode 8… Scene 1… Inside Silverthorn’s General Store… Tim Conway and Wild Bill Peterson walked into the general store—and since they didn’t know any of the Posse-members—proceeded to ask if anyone was interested in visiting a new saloon, “The first drink is on the house.”

Boomer, Joey, Mac and AJ chose then to walk outside via the looks they gave each other—and they were followed soon after by Peterson, “Why’d you fellas leave—ain’t you interested?”

“What we ‘ain’t interested,’ as you put it,” Mac rumbled, “Is bein’ around redskins.”

“That’s right,” Joey added, “We spent our careers fighting redskins—and can’t stand the smell of ‘em.”

“Well,” Peterson replied, “I can’t either—we could use a few men like you.”

[Writer’s Note: CuCu was present, although invisible, and immediately went to the Big Bay Saloon and erased all memory Allen Stanley Simpson had of our heroes and then returned to inform the others—remaining invisible.]

Peterson gave them directions to the saloon and the four left immediately for the new saloon.

The remaining Posse-members expressed their interest in visiting the saloon later in the afternoon.

Episode 8… Scene 2… Big Bay Saloon…  Peterson along with Boomer, Joey, Mac and AJ entered the saloon—and Big A showed no sign of recognition. Mac had all he could do to suppress a malignant smile as he looked on Big A.

As tall as Simpson—perhaps a bit taller—Mac remembered the first time he beat the daylights out of “Big-Ass” Simpson those many years ago, “A pleasure to meet you.”

Mac smiled—widely.

Our story will be Continued…

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4 Responses to Mac smiled—widely.

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Calm down, Mac!!! I remember the Simpson days too although he is a good guy in the present day 🙂

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