“Welcome to the Big Bay Saloon.”

Previously:  Peterson along with Boomer, Joey, Mac and AJ entered the saloon—and Big A showed no sign of recognition. Mac had all he could do to suppress a malignant smile as he looked on Big A.

As tall as Simpson—perhaps a bit taller—Mac remembered the first time he beat the daylights out of “Big-Ass” Simpson those many years ago, “A pleasure to meet you.”

Mac smiled—widely.

Season 17—Adventure 13—SIMPSON—Episode 9… Scene 1… Inside the Big Bay Saloon… It was no big surprise to Boomer & Company that no one inside recognized them, since CuCu contacted them.

It also was no big surprise to Mac that he wanted to beat the living daylights out of Simpson and he quietly rumbled to himself at the mere thought.

Joey just grinned.

He was joined by the rest of our heroes.

“Nice place you have here, Mister?” Mac rumbled—as if he didn’t know Big A’s name.

“Simpson, Allen Simpson,” he replied, “Welcome to the Big Bay Saloon.”

“Thank you,” Mac replied—his evil grin totally misunderstood by Simpson.

“You fellows come highly-recommended by Mr. Peterson here—you’re not fans of Indians?”

“We all spent time in Dakota Territory tracking them down,” Lt. Jerkovich added, “And were very successful.”

“If you wish,” Captain Boomer added, “You may contact our former superiors at Fort Leavenworth.”

“Mr. Peterson is doing that as we speak.”

“Efficient,” AJ cracked-wise.

That it was a wisecrack was totally lost on Simpson.

“I have a number of my men heading-out towards the Eagle Point reservation later today,” Simpson explained, “Feel free to join them.”

“Just so we’re on the payroll,” Jerkovich replied, “We’ll be happy to join them.”

Scene 2… Inside the Big Bay Saloon several hours later… Chris & Wyatt Earp, Debra, Linda & Ralph Halvorson arrived, “Nice place you have here.”

“Thank you,” Simpson replied, “Your first drinks are on the house.”

“Soda for me, please,” Ralph ordered, “Large glass.”

“Do you have red wine?” Linda asked.

“Yes, we do,” Simpson replied, “Large or small?”

“Small will be fine.”

“What do you folks do for a living?” Simpson asked.

“We rob banks,” Debra wisecracked, “And sometimes saloons.”

“Yes,” Ralph laughed, “Do you have a safe?”

Big A broke into a very-hardy laugh, “Good to know.”

“Seriously, sir,” Linda smiled, “Do you have a safe?”

“You ARE kidding—right?”

They drew their Remington .44s.


Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    How fun!!! I love it 😁 😂 🤣

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