“You won’t get away with this!”

Previously: Chris & Wyatt Earp, Debra, Linda & Ralph Halvorson arrived, “Nice place you have here.”

“Thank you,” Simpson replied, “Your first drinks are on the house.”

“Soda for me, please,” Ralph ordered, “Large glass.”

“Do you have red wine?” Linda asked.

“Yes, we do,” Simpson replied, “Large or small?”

“Small will be fine.”

“What do you folks do for a living?” Simpson asked.

“We rob banks,” Debra wisecracked, “And sometimes saloons.”

“Yes,” Ralph laughed, “Do you have a safe?”

Big A broke into a very-hardy laugh, “Good to know.”

“Seriously, sir,” Linda smiled, “Do you have a safe?”

“You ARE kidding—right?”

They drew their Remington .44s.


Season 17—Adventure 13—SIMPSON—Episode 10… Scene 1… Inside the Big Bay Saloon… “Place your guns on the bar and step away,” Debra ordered, “NOW!

Allen Stanley Simpson was taken by surprise—he started to laugh as if it were a joke.

He stopped laughing as our heroes pulled the hammers back on their Remington .44s, “You’re serious?”

“Deadly serious, Mr. Simpson.”

Simpson did as he was told, “You won’t get away with this!”

“We already have.”

“I have men coming back here any minute now,” Simpson grinned, “Very dangerous men—you will not survive their return.”

“Neither will you, Mr. Simpson,” Wyatt replied with a truly wicked smile, “Neither will you.”

Episode 10… Scene 2… Eagle Point Reservation… Some ten miles away from our heroes and their escorts—under the command of James Silverthorn (AKA Chaska-Kohana)—some thirty members of the Eagle Point Ojibwe Band were arrayed on both sides of the trail.

Each member was carrying Kentucky Rifles—an incredibly accurate firearm.

This was a good thing for Captain Boomer, Lieutenant Joey, Sergeant-Major McIntyre & Sergeant AJ—all of whom knew of the ambush thanks to Cu-Cu.

They kept conversation going with Simpson’s men to keep them distracted as they made their way through the reservation.

“So, fellas,” Joey grinned, “Do you have experience with the local injuns?”

“Not here,” Jim Attucks replied, “But in Dakota we’ve had plenty.”

“On the plains?” AJ enquired.


“It’s a lot different here in the forest,” Big Mac replied, “They can be just a few yards away and you won’t see them.”

“We ain’t afraid,” Attucks said, “We have fast shooting Henry Rifles.

“HA!” Boomer exclaimed, “Their Kentucky Rifles have twice the range of your rifles.”

They rode deeper into the forest without conversation. AJ looked at Mac and gave him a quick grin.

A grin that communicated that his keen vision had seen the ambush.

Just as Silverthorn and his band opened fire, our heroes drew their revolvers and ended all resistance by the remaining outlaws.

Our story will be Continued…

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