The wild blue yonder…

Previously: “Willya listen to this?” Rudy James asked.

“Listen to what?” Ambrose Samuel Simpson asked.

“It was just on the radio,” James replied, “But it’s over now—the sheriff of Moosehead County thinks he knows where we are!”

“Okay,” Ambrose replied, “We must leave now—Mr. James—you have no police record, so you take the limo, and when you get stopped just say you were hired to return it to leasing company.”


“Allen? You and I will take Mr. James’ car and follow the coast road,” Ambrose continued, “The rest of you take the forest road to the main highway to Moosehead City.”

“But—they’ll be watching that road.”

“So?” Ambrose asked, “None of you have police records—they have no reason to arrest you.”

He was correct.

Season 18—Adventure 1—Port of Danger Bay—Episode 4… Scene 1… At Boomer’s private airfield… “Well, son—whaddya think?”

“I think we should get airborne and check-out the Forest Road,” he replied, “And ask the others to cover the coast road.”

Both men were members of the Moosehead County Civil Air Patrol Squadron (Writer’s Note: I served as a cadet and the “Cadet Commander” of the White Bear Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol in my teens) and had an Aeronca L-16 at their disposal.

Soon they had accomplished the pre-flight check of the old airplane and took-off to the tune of the “Wild Blue Yonder:” Off we go into the wild blue yonder—flying high into the sky…

Wild Blue YonderOff we go into the wild blue yonder—flying high into the sky…

Episode 4… Scene 2…  Outside Simpson’s Cabin… Ralph Halvorson flew quickly past the cabin—unnoticed by the Simpsons as they prepared to leave.

That’s the good news.

Ralph overflew Simpson's placeThat’s the good news.

The bad news—the engine in Ralph’s Corsair started to sputter, and Ralph wisely decided to head for the airfield.

The reliable old Corsair brought him safely back—and he landed safely.

Medlar Farkleberry was embarrassed—his pride didn’t allow for sputtering engines. He apologized profusely.

Ralph soothed him, “She brought me home—you needn’t apologize.”

“Wal,” Lar smiled, I’ll get right on her, Ralph.”

Episode 4… Scene 3… Meanwhile—On the Coast Road… Ambrose Samuel Simpson & Allen Stanley Simpson began their attempt to escape justice—again.

They went into Moosehead City and parked their car in a lot downtown and booked passage on a Moosehead County Bus Service bus.

They successfully escaped unnoticed.

They escaped unnoticedThey successfully escaped unnoticed.

“Do you think we’ll make it safely to the ‘Cities?”

“You must have faith, Allen—I’ve got this!”

“Where then?”

“There’s a hotel near the terminal where we can rent a couple of rooms and lay-low for a few months.”

Our story will be Continued…

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    Slippery as eels 🙂

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