In Danger Bay at the Posse™ Headquarters

Previously: Boomer flew the little L-16 back and forth several times—buzzing the limo several times.

Finally—AJ had an idea on how to stop the car, “May I have the controls?”

“Sure, go for it,” Boomer replied.

AJ not only buzzed the limo—he touched the car’s roof—rolling the length of it.

Finally, the driver had enough and stopped the car.

AJ landed and taxied-up close to the limo.

Boomer & Andrew walked up to the side of the car.

They posed—smiling so I could snap a photo.

Rudy James, the driver and only occupant of the car, stepped out, “Why were you doing that?”

While AJ checked the car—expecting to find the Simpsons, “There’s nobody inside.”

Boomer replied, “We were expecting the Simpson brothers—where are they?

“I have no idea,” he replied—lying.

Episode 5… Scene 2…  A day later—at the Terminal Motel…   “This should be a good hideout,” Ambrose Simpson observed, “Large enough for us to be just two of a hundred or more other guests.”

“I hope so,” Allen replied, “But—I know these folks.”

“They’re that good?”

 “In a word—yes!”

Season 1—Adventure 1—Port of Danger Bay—Episode 6—Scene 1… The next day at the Terminal Motel Lobby…  “Welcome, gentlemen,” Ambrose Simpson greeted the five, “Let’s talk.”

The Simpsons interviewed potential candidates ©JBoardman“Let’s talk.”

“Thanks,” Sam McCoy replied, “Money first.”

“No,” Ambrose replied, “I’ll outline what we expect from you—and what qualifications and references you have first.”

“You understand, gentlemen” Allen Simpson added, “We need to know exactly what you have to offer us before we can determine if we’ll hire you.”

“Mr. McCoy?” Ambrose continued, “Tell us what you bring to the table, please.”

“Ten years working for William ‘Baldy’ Prokup in St. Louis, Missouri,” he replied, “Twenty-five confirmed dead, with another twenty or so declared missing.”

McCoy handed Ambrose his resume’.

“Thank you, Mr. McCoy—I will check this out,” Ambrose replied, “Mr. McWilliams?”

“Twenty-five years freelancing in San Francisco,” he replied, handing Simpson his references.

“Very-well, McWilliams—I’ll check your references and get back to you.”

The others presented equally excellent resume’s—and just like that the Simpson’s had assembled a new group of associates.

Episode 6—Scene 2… Meanwhile—In Danger Bay inside the Posse™ Headquarters… The Posse reunited for the first time in many weeks, “Hail, hail—the gang’s all here!”

Meanwhile inside the Posse HQ Lobby ©JBoardman“Hail, hail—the gang’s all here!”

“So, it would appear, Mrs. Earp,” Wyatt replied.

“Any word on the Simpsons?” Boomer asked.

“Nothing so far,” Mac replied, “We may as well assume they’re not around here—we would have heard something by now.”

“Wonderful!” Joey exclaimed.

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I have a feeling Joey may have gotten excited prematurely 🙂

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