“What’s the plan?”

Previously: “You understand, gentlemen” Allen Simpson added, “We need to know exactly what you have to offer us before we can determine if we’ll hire you.”

“Mr. McCoy?” Ambrose continued, “Tell us what you bring to the table, please.”

“Ten years working for William ‘Baldy’ Prokup in St. Louis, Missouri,” he replied, “Twenty-five confirmed dead, with another twenty or so declared missing.”

McCoy handed Ambrose his resume’.

“Thank you, Mr. McCoy—I will check this out,” Ambrose replied, “Mr. McWilliams?”

“Twenty-five years freelancing in San Francisco,” he replied, handing Simpson his references.

“Very-well, McWilliams—I’ll check your references and get back to you.”

The others presented equally excellent resume’s—and just like that the Simpson’s had assembled a new group of associates.

Episode 6—Scene 2… Meanwhile—In Danger Bay inside the Posse™ Headquarters… The Posse reunited for the first time in many weeks, “Hail, hail—the gang’s all here!”

“So, it would appear, Mrs. Earp,” Wyatt replied.

“Any word on the Simpsons?” Boomer asked.

“Nothing so far,” Mac replied, “We may as well assume they’re not around here—we would have heard something by now.”

“Wonderful!” Joey exclaimed.

Season 18—Adventure 11—Port of Danger Bay—Episode 7—Scene 1… Danger Bay inside the Posse™ Headquarters… “What’s the plan?” Joey asked.

Inside the Posse HQ“What’s the plan?”

“If I were them,” Mac replied, “I’d head for the Twin Cities—there’s more than a million people in the area.”

“We’ll have to establish a HQ there,” Chris Earp observed, “But where?”

“Our condominium has a vacancy we could rent,” Mac replied, “Room enough for up to six—and we have enough room for three more.”

“T and I have our home next door Mac’s place with a comfortable guest room for two,” Boomer added.

“My place is next door to Dad’s, and has room for two as well,” AJ added.

“It appears we have the housing issue solved,” Mac rumbled, “Get packed—and we’ll meet at my place.”

Episode 7—Scene 2… On Scenic Highway 61—Southbound… With a 55mph speed-limit—the Posse™ engaged their lights & sirens, when required, to maintain 65-70mph.

“WHEEE!” Chris Earp exclaimed, “There are some benefits to risking our lives in law-enforcement!”

Posse southbound on Scenic 61 ©JBoardman“WHEEE!”

“Yeah,” AJ quipped, “We can pull ourselves over every now and again.”

They blew-past an unmarked Minnesota Highway Patrol car—the car’s red & blue lights lit-up, and the car pulled onto the highway.

“Back-off Trooper,” Wyatt Earp radioed, “We’re all law-enforcement officers—you can check with your HQ, tell them we’re the Port of Danger Bay Posse™ and I’m Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp IV.”

She contacted her district headquarters and was told to stand-down

Good thing for the good guys.

Our story will be Continued…

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2 Responses to “What’s the plan?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Just love that saying “Stand Down!!” It is so sexy when Wyatt uses his full name 💜💚💙


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