“Well, little brother, what shall we do with Mr. Jones?”

Previously: Chris & Wyatt Earp may have hit pay-dirt, “The two men in the corner had an interesting conversation, Wyatt.”

“Agreed—perhaps we should follow them when they leave.”

“We should get some help, as my pick-up is too easy to spot.”

“I’ll contact Mac, Chris,” Wyatt replied, “He’ll know whose available.”

Episode 9—Scene 4… Inside Red’s Place… Baldy Prokup and Al McWilliams had paid no attention to Chris and Wyatt Earp.

They were too distracted by two other patrons’ comments about them.

They decided to beat the crap out of the two.

They succeeded.

Season 18—Adventure 2—SEARCH—Episode 1—Scene 1… Inside the Red’s Place Al McWilliams left the bar, and Baldy Jones remained to have another beer.

One of their victims left the bar—the other remained.

“You want more hurt?” Baldy asked.

“No,” he replied.

“Well—you’d best leave, or I’ll beat the crap out of you.”

“Okay, tough guy,” Tommy Johnson said as he reached under his jacket, “I ain’t done with you.”

Baldy quickly reached under his jacket—pulled out his revolver and shot Johnson.

Prokup killed a patron in the bar ©Jack BoardmanJohnson died instantly.

Johnson died instantly.

Baldy ran out and quickly drove away back to Simpson’s hotel.

Episode 1—Scene 2… Inside Simpson’s motel room… “You did WHAT?” Ambrose Simpson asked.

“I had to,” Baldy replied, “I had no choice.”

“Well, little brother, what shall we do with Mr. Jones?”

Prokup inside the Simpson's Hotel Room ©Jack Boardman“Well, little brother, what shall we do with Mr. Jones?”

“We know this might draw attention to us,” Allen replied, “We need to send Mr. Jones out-of-town.”


“Let Andy Kleinschmidt take him—he’s very-good at finding safe hideouts.”

“Where will he take me?” Baldy asked.

“How does Miami sound to you, Mr. Jones?”

WOW!” He exclaimed, “Really?”

“Go pack your bags,” Ambrose replied, “You’ll be leaving within an hour.”

Two hours later Kleinschmidt returned, “Jones is gone—permanently.”

“And his body?”

“Under the Mississippi—wearing concrete overshoes.”

Episode 1—Scene 3… Boomer, AJ, Joey, & Debra entered Red’s Place after the shooting… “Sorry folks, the bar is closed.”

Inside Red's Bar ©Jack Boardman“Sorry folks, the bar is closed.”

“We’re ‘special deputy US Marshals’ trooper,” Debra replied, as she produced her credentials, “What happened here?”

“It appears to be a professional hit, based upon what we’ve learned from the bartender,” Trooper Henry Sayer replied, “The shooter walked-in, picked a fight, the dead guy reached into his pocket and as he did the shooter shot him.”

“Simpson,” Joey said, “I’ll bet Simpson ordered the hit.”

“He’s more careful than that—don’t you think?” AJ asked.

“Yes—he is. But the thought occurred spontaneously,”

“Sadly,” Trooper Ralph McKenna sighed, “That’s not enough for an arrest warrant.”

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Well, the fishes have him now 🙂

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