“I want that condo watched every day.”

Search BannerPREVIOUSLY: Medlar Farkleberry made Ambrose Simpson a very fair offer on his Rolls—and Ambrose Simpson gratefully accepted the offer.

“Okay,” Farkleberry announced, “I reckon I got her secured, and ready to go.”

“All right!” Boomer exclaimed, “Take it away!”

Just as Farkleberry was driving away, a white rental-car drove slowly by—stopping briefly in front of Boomer’s place.

The white Impala drove-off after only a second or two.

The driver quickly called Big-A and reported what he’d seen.

Season 18—Adventure 2—SEARCH—Episode 6—Scene 1… Inside Big A’s Condo… Allen Stanley Simpson ordered, “I want that condo watched every day.”

“I want that condo watched every day.”

“May I suggest we park out of sight, and use everyone we have to stroll past the condo?” Smit asked.

“Good idea, Mr. Smit,” Big A replied, “You’re in charge.”

Smit made the arrangements: He assigned each gang-member’s time to stroll by the condo at fifteen-minute intervals.

In addition—he hired several more men and women to augment the operation by walking together as couples.

That was prescient.

It wasn’t long before a hired couple saw Ambrose walk-out onto the steps in front of the building, and quickly stepped-out of their car.

The woman called-out to Simpson, “Excuse me, sir—would you happen to know a good place to have breakfast?”

Episode 6—Scene 2… Outside Mac’s Condo… Ambrose Simpson—tired of being cooped-up in his apartment—was enjoying the beautiful day outside.

After giving them a breakfast suggestion, he didn’t pay close attention to the couple walking on the sidewalk across the street.

He should have—each was hiding a submachine gun on their side.

Seconds later he died in a hail of .45 caliber bullets.

Ambrose Simpson was murdered ©JBoardmanSeconds later he died in a hail of .45 caliber bullets.

By the time the Posse™ responded to the gunfire, the assailants had escaped in a car parked nearby.

“I told him to stay inside!” Mac exclaimed.

“I saw a 1960 Ford Galaxie parked just beyond the entry,” Boomer observed, “and it’s gone now.”

“I’ll notify the police,” AJ said as he went back inside to make the call.

The 911 dispatcher immediately put-out an all points bulletin giving a description of the getaway-car.

A Minnesota State Trooper saw the white Ford and immediately gave chase and called for assistance.

Twenty-minutes later the car was stopped, and the occupants instructed to get out of the car.

They did—and opened-fire with their submachine guns.

They both died as a result of the withering return fire of the State Troopers surrounding them.

And with their deaths any hope of finding out who hired them died as well.

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Well, no more Twin 😦

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