“Gentlemen—it’s time to begin recruiting.”

Searching BannerPreviously:  Episode 1—Scene 2… Outside Mickey’s Diner in Saint Paul, Minnesota… After stopping at a car dealership in Pine City where he traded his Chevy for a turbocharged Honda—the soon-to-be Stanley Davenport drove to Saint Paul, Minnesota and stopped at Mickey’s Diner.

He had an appointment there with a fixer (one who can create an entire new identity—for a price).

The next day—Simpson was now Stanley Davenport.

He stopped again at Mickey’s Diner—for a fine breakfast.

His makeover was quite impressive—GENTLE READER™, quite impressive—indeed!

Season 18—Adventure 3—SEARCHING— Episode 2—Scene 1… Several days later… Inside Davenport’s Cabin Overlooking Lake Superior in Moosehead County…  Davenport met with his top lieutenants: Erik O’Hara and Andy Reed, “Gentlemen—it’s time to begin recruiting.”

Davenport Met with Erik O'Hara & Andy Reed ©Jack Boardman“Gentlemen—it’s time to begin recruiting.”

“In other words—hang-out at the local bars—right?’

“No, Mr. Reed,” Davenport replied, “Head for Duluth and rent a condo on the lake—and then hit the bars & restaurants.”

“Obviously you are looking for a higher class of thug?”

“Just like you, Mr. Reed,” Davenport laughed, “Just like you.”

“While we’re here,” Andy said, “And before we head-out, we should consider playing ‘tourist,’ for a few days.”

“Good idea,” Davenport replied, “We’re in no hurry to begin our operation—go mix with the locals—spend some time on the lake.”

Episode 2—Scene 2… The Posse™ was outside Boomer’s Farmhouse having a Cook-Out… “It’s a shame that Big-A appears to have escaped,” Debra observed, “He committed murder!”

The Posse Gathered at Boomer's Farmhouse ©Jack Boardman“He committed murder!”

“Indeed,” Big Mac agreed, “Eventually, perhaps, Cu-Cu will learn something.”

“We can hope,” Linda replied, and then cracked-wise, “But, until then we’ll be wasting precious time enjoying fine food.”

“There is that,” Joey added as he flipped the steaks.”

“Hey Mac—did you lose your truck?” Ralph asked.

“Nope,” Mac replied, “Collie wanted it—so I found a nice 2009 Honda CRV—much better mileage than the truck.”

“That’s a fair trade—I imagine Collie doesn’t drive a lot.”

“No, she doesn’t,” Mac replied, “But when she does—she seems to find big objects to bring home—like a new davenport, for example.”

“She helps T with her projects—most won’t fit in either of our cars,” Boomer added.

“Now we know who to ask,” Ralph added, “When our projects won’t fit in our cars.”

“See,” Mac replied, “It all works-out.”

Our story will be Continued…

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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Just love hanging out with good friends 🙂

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